November 7, 2008

Pozos a Jack-of-all-Trades

By John Philip Wyllie

The boys and girls cross country teams at Bonita Vista High are off to another promising start. The girls team is thus far undefeated while the boys team has lost just once in head to head competition. On the boys side, Alfredo Rodriguez continues to set a torrid pace as one of the county’s top long distance runners. Gifted runners such as Shinola Agbede, David Garcia and Juan Garcia provide the depth this team will need if it is to reach its goal of qualifying for state competition. Farther back in the pack you will find one of the school’s most notable personalities, Edwardo Pozos.

Pozos would be the first one to admit that there are far more gifted athletes among the ranks of his teammates, but few of them have contributed anywhere near as much as he has to Bonita Vista High.

Edwardo Pozos is in the Driver’s seat of Bonita Vista’s ASB. Photo: J.P. Wyllie

Elected president of the school’s ASB, Pozos is a tireless worker and organizer. He is the treasurer for Best Buddies (an organization that supports students with disabilities) as well as the student chairperson for the school’s WASC evaluation. He active in Dog Pound which turns out to provide boisterous support the school’s various teams and he has taken two of the school’s autistic students under his wing and guided them toward expressing themselves artistically. With all that on his plate plus a rigorous schedule of IB and AP classes, one would wonder how an honor student like Pozos would have the time to compete in cross country. Sometimes conflicts with his busy schedule prevent him from participating, but when he does he always gets a lot out of it.

“Everyone supports each other in cross country. All the people in it are really active and fun. In cross country you are racing against other people, but you are also setting goals for yourself. Even if you don’t finish first, if you can improve on your time you feel satisfied. You are always trying to top your last time. I used to play football. Measuring individual improvement there was much more difficult because everything was centered around the team.”

After he graduates in June, Pozos knows that he won’t be remembered as a stellar athlete. He has nonetheless benefited from his involvement in cross country.

“Running for me is just a great hobby. It incorporates a lot of good personality qualities. It makes you a more determined person and it builds you self-esteem. Running is good for you and I enjoy being out in the fresh air running the trails. Everybody should do it.”

His leadership skills, enthusiasm and his artistic ability have made a mark at this South Bay high school . That unique artistic ability may provide the key to his future.

“I am applying to some art schools and to some U.C.s. I want to major in art or advertising. My forte right now is oil on canvas. My focus is on urban art and sometimes it includes surrealism. I also like to place messages in my artwork and sometimes do critiques on society.”

Pozos is proud of his Hispanic heritage and sometimes includes elements of it in his paintings. My mom was born in Tijuana and my dad was born in Guadalajara. They met in L.A. after moving here from Mexico. We have a lot of family in Mexico and I have visited there many times.

“Some of my favorite artists are Diego Rivera, Frida Kahlo and Salvador Dali. I often try to incorporate Hispanic culture into my artwork.”

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