May 23, 2008


Proposition C Compromises the independence of the City auditor

Financial Officers and Responsibilities
City of San Diego
Charter Amendment - Majority Approval Required
Shall the voters approve amendments to the Charter to establish or modify the offices and responsibilities of a Chief Financial Officer, City Auditor, and Independent Budget Analyst; modify the City Treasurer appointment process; and create an Audit Committee to oversee the City Auditor?

This Proposition would put the authority of selecting the City Auditor in the hands of the mayor. This independence of the city auditor would then be compromised, he would be beholden to the mayor. The city auditor needs to be fully independent to ensure that never again does the City of San Diego face the possibility of bankruptcy.

La Prensa San Diego recommends a NO vote on Prop. C.

It is nothing more than a power grab.

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