May 23, 2008


Proposition B is redundant

Permanency Of The Strong Mayor Form Of Goverance
City of San Diego
Charter Amendment - Majority Approval Required
Shall the voters approve an amendment to the Charter to require the City Council to submit to voters at the June 2010 election Charter amendments making the Strong Mayor form of government permanent; adding a Council seat; and, when the ninth seat is filled, increasing the Council votes required to override a mayoral veto?

We are not sure if we completely understand the rational for putting this proposition on the ballot. First it is redundant. In 2004 when the voters passed the strong mayor form of government it was passed as a trial effort of 5 years. If this form of government was deemed a success the voters would then be given a chance to make this form of government permanent via the vote. What are the supporters afraid of? That for some reason the issue of making this form of government permanent would be forgotten and they would fail to put it on the ballot!

The whole idea behind this trial period was to give it time to determine whether or not this form of government fit San Diego. If the strong mayor form of government proved a failure it would then just go away and the city would revert back to a city manager style of government. That was what was voted for lets live with that and not change the rules in the middle of the game.

But there is more to this Proposition than just the issue of putting the question of a strong mayor on a ballot two years from now. This Proposition also wants to put the issue of expanding the number of council seats from eight to nine and change the way the council can override a mayoral veto. These are valid issues that should be addressed, but on their own not as a part of the question regarding the strong mayor form of government. This amendment puts all three issues in a single amendment. For example it may be that the city council should expand to ten (10) or eleven (11) seats for equal representation. Proposition doesn’t allow room for discussion nor debate on this singular and very important issue of expanding the city council

Proposition B is not needed in regards to making the strong mayor form of government permanent we already has system voted on in this regard. The issue of expanding the city council should be a separate issue and not tied into the strong mayor issue.

La Prensa San Diego recommends a NO vote on Prop. B.

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