May 23, 2008


Mayor Cox and Jerry Rindone cross the line

At La Prensa San Diego we appreciate nothing more than a good healthy debate on the issues. That is what makes this country great, encourages, and provides the populace the opportunity to have their say on issues. At the same time there is nothing we detest more than dirty politics and right now that is what we see going on with the City of Chula Vista, in particular the way Mayor Cheryl Cox and City council person Jerry Rindone are trying to manipulate the debate and use taxpayers money to do so.

The issue surrounds Proposition E the Height initiative for the city. It is a controversial issue. Both sides are at polar opposites. The animosity and stakes are high with this issue. Mayor Cox is one of the most vocal opponents to the iniatiative and has even signed the ballot argument in opposition. To further her argument against Prop. E, she and Rindone manipulated the rules. They hired a consultant at taxpayers expense to the tune of $30,000. The consultant was hired to present a study that is clearly biased in order to scare the voters and support the opposition to Prop. E.

Cox and Rindone have stepped beyond the line of fair play and ventured in the area of dirty politics. They may have even violated Elections Code section 9212. The Ethics Commission of Chula Vista needs to take a hard look at what has transpired. Not only did Cox and Rindone circumvent a vote against the study by the full city council, but they used public monies to promote partisan politics. The report was released early to select media, and the City Manager, David Garcia, sent out a personal email urging the media to attend the meeting on the report as the “voters owe to themselves and their community to be informed and educated about the issues upon which they will be voting.” This is the first time since being appointed city manager that he has ever taken the time to personally email on anything. Again a question for the ethics committee in regards to city employees using city resources to promote a partisan political position.

We urge the voters to take a hard look at the actions of two politicians and their political supporters and to consider the issue objectively. Don’t be swayed by the type of politics that Mayor Cox and Jerry Rindone are using to manipulate your vote!

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