May 23, 2008

The City of San Diego is re-writing (creating a new) Barrio Logan Community Plan

If WE who care about the workers and the families of the workers who live in the Barrios of San Diego, and if WE who live in the Barrios of San Diego do not attend these meetings and stand-up for ourselves and our people – the voices of the masses will have little, if any, representation at these meetings.

Gentrification: redevelopment typically crates a condition in which some 85% of the pre-redevelopment population no longer lives in the development area within 5 years post-redevelopment. One of our local Councilmen once told me “I want the right kind of people living in my District.” I have no idea what he really means, but I do believe his uses of “right kind of people” does not refer to the working Latinos presently living in the barrios.

We know it is no fun, no one LIKES to go to these kinds of events; but the alternative is exclusion and the turning over of our rights to those who assert themselves as Leaders of OUR communities.

WHEN: Tuesday May 27, 2008, starting @ 5:30 PM

LOCATION: Barrio Station Auditorium — 2175 Newton Avenue.

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