May 16, 2008


Steve Castañeda is the right choice for seat #4

City of Chula Vista

To say that the last year-and-a- half has been a difficult one for incumbent city council person Steve Castañeda would be putting it lightly. He was falsely accused of taking advantage of his position as a city councilman and exonerated. There was no evidence of him doing anything wrong. Then he was accused of lying to a Grand Jury. Again he was exonerated in a baffling case that should have never been brought forward in the first place.

Through all the trials and tribulations Castañeda stood strong and straight forward. Castañeda displayed the type of leadership and moral character that you look for in a leader. It is often said that in times of hardship you will see the true measure of man and during these times of hardship Castañeda stood strong.

So there is no question as to the character of Steve Castañeda.

As a sitting councilmember Steve has demonstrated that he is an independent voice. He is not in the deep pockets of developers. Nor is he steadfast in with slow growth/environmentalist. He supports community character and reasonable height limits in downtown Chula Vista, but he doesn’t endorse legislation by petition. He takes the time and effort to read the fine print and he asks the hard questions. Castañeda works hard at being a city council person.

In reviewing Castañeda’s first term on the city council we can’t think of one reason that would cause us to recommend anyone else over him. He has done an admirable job and when you consider the hardship he had to endure you can consider his performance overall as excellent.

We endorse Steve Castañeda for City Council Seat # 4, City of Chula Vista.

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