May 9, 2008

Tijuana Sound Machine: Bostich + Fussible of the Nortec Collective present their new CD

By James Klein

(KPRENSA) – Bostich + Fussible “Tijuana Sound Machine”, presents new tracks form the founders of the Nortec Collective, (Pepe Mogt) and Bostich (Ramón Amezcua), created while they were on an extended world tour that carried them through Latin America, the United States, Europe, Japan and Australia.

The new material of the DJs from Tijuana will be in stores in May 6th and also available in digital form on the Internet.

Followers and fans are already familiar with the styles of Fussible and Bostich as the minds behind songs like “I Have the voice”, “Tijuana Bass” and “Tijuana makes me happy” from the last Nortec Collective album, “Tijuana Sessions, Vol 3”, that was twice nominated for a Latin Grammy.

“Nortec is a concept that began in 1999” explained Pepe Mogt “The idea to was to mix the Norteño music of northern Mexico with electronica and the concept has turned into a distinctive sound for all the DJs that are using it now.”

He new CD, “Tijuana Sound Machine”, is a unique mixture of accordions, tubas, trumpets, percussion, computer generated sounds, and synthesizers, and shows the growth of the style and its sound while reinforcing both the originality and evolution of the original concept.

“In this CD the sound is completely ‘nortec’ because it uses those same principles.” Pepe continues “For the concept of ‘Tijuana Sound Machine’, the name says it all. It takes you on a journey to different points of the city, crosses the border and returns again.”

Presenting the Nortec Collective

The Nortec Collective is the group formed from several different individual projects doing Nortec music. The members of the collective include the DJs Bostich, Fussible, Panóptica, Hiperboreal and Chlorophyll, who are all work with laptops and analog controllers. As an accompaniment to the music there exists a Visual Collective, who create graphics that complement the music. As a group that are from and inspired by Tijuana, they have now been able to bring their electronic esthetic to the world.

Founders of the Nortec Collective, (Pepe Mogt) and Bostich (Ramón Amezcua).

The Nortec sound and concept started in 1999 when Pepe Mogt, frustrated by the foreign musical influences in Tijuana, began to experiment with samples of old Norteño and Banda records, altering the sounds in his computer and through the filters of various analog synthesizers. Through contacts in studios in the northern part of the city, Pepe would begin to compile tracks of these musical creations and would distribute them among his friends so that they could see what could be built with these sounds as a starting point.

Later, he distributed CDs with the tracks to his musician friends, on the condition that they would use the tracks as a base to create something new. Various friends and local musicians participated in this project and that was the beginning of Nortec, a name that Roberto Mendoza (Panóptica) christened the sound. Subsequently, a selection of the first compiled tracks of Nortec turned into a Nortec Sampler CD. The group began to organize events to play this new sound and, little by little, they started winning more public attention. Finally, they were signed by Palm Pictures Records and the CD “Tijuana Sessions Vol. 1” was put out under the banner “Nortec Collective.”

Although the “sound of Nortec” has now have travelled the globe, its inspiration is still Tijuana. Pepe concludes “When we are going to play in another city, even in Mexico, or whether it’s in Australia, Japon or France, the people get to see part of our Tijuana in both a musical and visual way.”

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