March 28, 2008

Gov. Bill Richardson says he felt inspired by the speech made by Barack Obama on race stating that he felt touched by the speech. Quién sabe! Guess being appointed US ambassador to the United Nations and as Energy secretary by the Clinton administration didn’t touch him.

We found Obama’s speech on race inspiring, but… haven’t we (Hispanics/Chicanos) been talking about race for a very long time now??? The immigration issue is about race!!! Problem is talk only goes so far…tired of talk how about some action?

Omar Suarez, chancellor of Grossmont-Cuyamaca College announced his resignation in 2009. There is much joy in the announcement, but some are wondering why wait till Feb. 2009??? Maybe it has something to do with receiving maximum amount of payout from the contract deal Suarez pulled last year. Some of you may remember where he went and re-wrote the done deal!!! This, on top of the fact that there is an ongoing grand jury investigation into the colleges.

Una amiga Jill Galvez spent a whirlwind week in France, Austria, and Italy with her daughter, Tatiana, and about 53 other students and parents as part of the FLAGS program at Hilltop Middle School. An exciting week but glad to be home.

DA finds that juries lack Hispanics??? I don’t know, seems like those jury letters are getting through to La Prensa. La Prensa staff being called every year to serve, or, are they just saying that to get out work???

Hey DA you want more Hispanics on jury duty??? Give them more than 5 bucks a day. A day or a week off of work is usually lost wages for salaried workers, no work…no pay and 5 bucks doesn’t even cover gas or a trolley ride.

There is some confusion with the Pat Aguilar candidacy for Chula Vista city council. Originally, Aguilar supported incumbent Steve Castañeda and filed for the seat only in case Castañeda is not able to run due to his trial. Now it seems instead of taking a back seat to see what unfolds she is looking like a candidate that wants to win no matter what.

Two weeks ago Tezzy asked the question: does anyone know Devonna Almagro? We got a couple of calls that weren’t very supportive of her candidacy. They said: “check her resume.” We would like to but so far nada!

With all the talk about school budget cuts and teacher firings, whatever happened to the school reserve. CV elementary has something in the neighborhood of $12 million. Wasn’t the reserved established for emergencies? And wouldn’t this be considered an emergency?

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