March 21, 2008

Toltekas En Aztlan Presents Xochikuikatl

Since ancient times the Aztek Spring Ceremony has been a very important expression of the life and times in the american “Nahuatlaka” continent culture, specially so among the Indian people.

At the spring equinox, 28 years ago, Toltekas en Aztlan and Flor y Canto al Aire Libre called “Xochikuikatl” (Flower and Song Under Open Air), started to work to accomplish the Aztek prophecy. Several local poets read selected works and performed the Aztek Spring Equinox, traditional Aztek dances were performed, and all the participants planted seeds and flowers to beautify Chicano Park. We will perform a special Aztek Holistic Fire Ceremony dedicated to future generations and to all the children of the planet to work for the ancient traditions for the better men of mankind, peace, love, brotherhood and to take care of Mother Nature. All works collected from the poets are to be eventually published in a book form.

The event will consist of the following:

* Aztek dancers from Mexico City, Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego and Aztlan

* Aztek Ceremony for Mother Earth

* Offering of flowers

*Aztek ritual for the Spring Equinox

* Aztek Poetry and Music

* Holistic Aztek Fire Ceremony for the goodwill of mankind peace, love, brotherhood for the health of all people and to take care of Mother Nature.

The ceremony will be held on Saturday March 22nd at Chicano Park, under the Coronado Bridge one block east of Crosby and Logan Ave. in San Diego from 12:00 to 5:00 p.m.

For more information call Aztleka at (619) 237-9745 or (619) 623-9072.

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