March 14, 2008

Qué pasó con los Hispanos: Latinos Builders Association fined for misuse of funds in support of candidates for political office (the sad part about this, most of the candidates were losers). Then a Hispanic Chamber employee was charged with embezzling money. And last week a report was sent out that there was a robbery at the Centro Cultural de la Raza by former employees. Qué pasó con la gente, están locos?

There is more to the story than it appears with the Centro robbery; it wasn’t like it was done under the cover of darkness or anything like that. A couple of employees who were recently laid off returned to the Centro and took Ballet Folklorico costumes and equipment. Sounds like they think they were the rightful owners. Quién sabe, guess the honeymoon is over at the Centro, bad blood rising already.

Speaking of crimes and misdeanors: La gente wondered why we didn’t say anything about La Mesa mayor Art Madrid, el viejo who was falling down drunk. Pues Madrid es Hispano in name only. What is worse: a mayor who is falling down drunk with an equally drunk female driver who potentially could have killed someone or a New York governor who is paying for sex, no danger of anyone dying in this situation. Out of shame, shouldn’t Madrid step down???

Quién es Devonna Almagro, candidate for Chula Vista City council? Almagro filed for this seat Friday deadline day but noboby seems to know who she is. She is young and a Hispanic and that is about it. If somebody knows more por favor fill us in.

CV city councilman Steve Castañeda went before a judge Tuesday to see about getting his case thrown out. Judge wasn’t too impressed with the indictment the DA brought forth, he couldn’t remember any such similar case, ever, but he did decide to let the case go through.

Luis Acle not getting enough signatures to qualify for the ballot and this guy is supposed to figure out a multi-million dollar budget for the school district???? This should not surprise anyone Acle had the same problem last time he ran, not enough qualified signatures. Last time he took the issue to court and showed intent and the judge said he was good. I kinda of doubt this argument will fly with a judge a second time.

El jefe at La Prensa glad he didn’t endorse Acle when he ran for office. Not like that other paper that not only endorse Acle for school board but endorsed him for city council when he decided to run after only a year in office. Now that paper, the UT, can’t get rid of Acle fast enough. La Prensa would like to say ‘I told you so.!’

Race, Barack Obama’s race, has become an issue in the Presidential race. Well sure, you knew it would sooner or later. It has been a topic of discussion when it comes to a question of will Hispanics vote for a black candidate, but the caca didn’t hit the fan till a white woman brought up the issue…

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