March 7, 2008


A Hillary/Obama Ticket?

Why not!

For Senator Hillary Clinton, Tuesday’s Primary elections had the potential of ending any realistic chance she had to become the Democratic Party’s Presidential candidate. But, proving to be a fighter and showing that her campaign is far from over Sen. Clinton, instead, righted her ship and put a stop to the string of victories that Senator Barack Obama had amassed, with victories in Ohio, Texas, and Rhode Island.

While Clinton can lay claim to winning the popular vote and stemming the Obama tidal wave of wins, Obama is still ahead in the only category that really matters and that is in the delegate count. At last count Obama had 1567 delegates to Clinton’s 1462. These numbers will change slightly due to late numbers that are still to come in from Texas caucuses. The number of delegates needed to become the Presidential candidate is 2025.

What this all means is that we are not going to have a clear winner until the Democratic Convention in late August. Clinton and Obama will continue the delegate battle and head into the convention both close, but short of the 2025 delegates needed. This means that the 300 undecided super delegates will then caucus behind close doors and decide for the Party who they want as their Presidential candidate. For most this process of letting a select few choose who will be the Presidential candidate does not sit well with them.

What we are in for is a protracted, expensive, drag out battle between these two candidates. While these two candidates continue on, what seems obvious to us is that while both candidates would make for a good Presidential candidate, a Party ticket of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama would make for a GREAT Presidential ticket, an unbeatable force if you will.

Clinton and Obama complement each other. Clinton is an experienced legislature with a track record. Meanwhile Obama offers hope and inspiration. They are the Ying and Yang. Clinton and Obama on the same ticket would give the voters everything they wanted. This is why this campaign is so close, there is no clear cut leader and the voters want both in this race, both offering an equally attractive choice. And for the overall goal of winning the White House this would be the winning ticket!

What stands in the way? Neither Clinton nor Obama want to run as Vice-President. So for next five and half months things will continue down this road of back and forth in the fight for delegates; and knowing politics as we do it will become dirty politics bringing out the worst in both candidates, which is unfortunate.

Meanwhile on the Republican side of the ledger John McCain will represent the Republican Party as their candidate for President. This is not bad for a candidate who three months ago was all but out of the race, with little money, cutting staff from his campaign, and just barely hanging in there. In the meantime the Republican Party kept looking around for someone, anyone, to come forth and grab the nomination.

McCain’s victory within the Republican Party is either a testament to his campaigning ability and leadership, or a lack of qualified/inspiring Republican candidates and through default McCain came out ahead. Only time will tell.

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