June 27, 2008

El famoso Chuey’s in bankruptcy, but the doors are still open. Matt Camarrillo is trying to save the Barrio Logan landmark and bring it back to the community. Buena suerte!

Speaking of Chuey’s, the Latina Latino & Indigenous People’s Unity Coalition which has held their monthly breakfast, where they cozy up to the power structure, dumped Chuey’s for the Sherman Heights Community Center. Chuey’s supported this group and its’ founder Luis Natividad, and now when Chuey’s needs la gente’s support not a peep out of this UNITY Coalition to fight for Chuey Garcia.

Speaking of the Latina Latino & Indigenous People’s Unity Coalition breakfast, this month’s topic is Latinos in the Media. Of course no minority media is invited to participate. The list includes Enlace, owned by the Union Tribune, the UT which is also represented, and Univision. I guess the unity they are talking about is them wanting to unite with the one newspaper that has historically oppressed them; qué lástima! What was it that Zapata said about: better to dying on one’s feet, than to live on one’s knees…

National Council of La Raza is coming to town next month and mucha gente getting excited by the event, ¿por que? Anyone remember the last time they held their convention here four years ago? Exactly, mucho rah, rah, but little substance for local community.

Hispanos in Hawaii getting a lot of attention from the “Wetback” story from last week. Story picked up by national newswire and phone interviews from New Mexico, they are trying to figure out how a US city council person could have confused them with Mexico.

Presidential candidate John McCain going to make a concerted effort to attract the Hispanic voter and the Barack Obama effort seems to taking los Hispanos for granted, big mistake. Latina congresswomen snubbed Obama at a breakfast meeting, they just didn’t show up.

Other signs of discontent with Obama coming across in the emails, many unsure with Obama’s immigration stance and free trade to name a few.

La Prensa SD received a long email complaining mightly about San Diego Unified’s new superintendent, Terry Grier, and the transfer of Edward Caballero, who was scheduled to be the new principal at Sherman Elementary, to a school in Scripps Ranch. Parents mighty upset over the switch. Seems Luis Acle had a hand in this. This was the kind of stuff that Alan Bersin used to pull when he was superintendent and where he lost the support of the community. This was also the type of stuff that got Mitz Lee elected to the school board to reign in Bersin. Now she supports this type of action. It maybe that Lee is no longer the fighter for parental rights she once used to be….

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