June 27, 2008

International Car Show at Revolution Avenue

Auto enthusiasts and families will enjoy hundreds of custom tuned cars and interacting with their pilots before rallying from the famous Jai Alai to Estero Beach Resort in Ensenada

Car lovers will unite at the famous Revolution Avenue in Downtown Tijuana, Sunday June 29th. “Families and Car Lovers of all ages will be able to walk through over 200 customized sports cars and motorcycles, meet the owners and cheer them on as they rally to Ensenada” said Oscar Chavarria of Scuderia Hermanos Rodríguez Association and Autoinsignia the organizers of the 4th annual “Street Tour”.

Chavarria added that visitors will be able to enjoy viewing Tuning, Modified, 4x4’s, and Classics cars, as well as Motorcycles. “The inaugural ceremony will be held at 9 a.m. in front of the legendary Jai Alai building with special guests including the Mayor of Tijuana and the Presidents of 19 regional Car Clubs” noted Chavarria. Event organizers have confirmed participants from many parts of Mexico including Mexico City, Guadalajara, Queretaro and from California in the U.S. Some of the clubs that will be present include Wild Horses of San Diego, Road and Customs of San Diego, Club Five Element, Club Westside of Los Angeles, Club Mustang of Tijuana, Jeep Extreme of Tijuana, Tecate Volks.

This is the fourth edition of the Street Tour event in Tijuana. The car exhibition will be held on Revolution Avenue, which will be closed from 3rd street to 7th street in front of Jai Alai building, from 9 until 11 a.m. At 11:20 the cars will be flagged to start their rally to Ensenada, where they will end the tour at the Estero Beach resort, ending with a public fair serving Mexican food, a car expo of the Ensenada clubs and the awards ceremony.

Street Tour 4 is the first time the event will include the participation of 3 Motorcycle Clubs and will feature the participation of Alberto Orozco from the Yamaha Racing Team one of Mexico’s top speed motorcycle pilots. Part of the program includes educational information for car drivers to be aware of motorcyclists and their safety. Additionally the event has a social component explained Chavarria, “The event will be used to raise donations to the Animal Protection Association of Baja California; visitors can donate food or other articles for animals”.

For more information visit www.autoinsignia.com.mx or www.seetijuana.com.

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