June 13, 2008

Finney Elementary Student Wins College Scholarship Grand Prize

With her short essay comparing every student to a piece of art, Myrtle S. Finney Elementary student Josefina Vega won the grand prize in the “Save Me a Spot for College” scholarship contest. Josefina won a total of $2,500 in scholarship money through The Campaign for College Opportunity.

Josefina, a 6th grader, won in the middle school writing category where she beat out 7th and 8th grade students. Josefina performs at the top of her class, and is very active at Finney, serving on various school committees and as a Student Council representative.

“Josefina is a very bright young lady who has been here at Finney since preschool,” said her teacher, Edrick Mac-alaguim. “When she arrived, she didn’t speak any English. Spanish is her primary language. But by the fourth grade she was able to be reclassified as fluent in English. Now she has a full command of the language and uses her creativity to compose pieces with precision and grace.”

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