June 6, 2008


Barack Obama for President

It was pre-ordained that this year’s Presidential election would take on historical proportions with either Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama as the candidate of their Party for President. Even with the knowledge of the forth coming moment the excitement and sense of hope was beyond expectations when Obama reached the necessary delegate count to claim victory as his Party’s candidate for President of the United States. The coinciding speech by Obama that day was not only thrilling, it was inspiring, and was reminiscent of Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King, Jr.

There was a sense of excitement and the knowledge that we have witnessed history with a hope for real change, not only for the country but for minorities in particular. This indeed was a great day for our country. For many minorities and for the black community the memory of “Whites Only” is still fresh in their collective memory, but on Tuesday those memories dissipated with Obama declaring this a day of change, with chants of “si se puede” in the background.

For the Hispanic community this is a beacon of hope and an opportunity for change. The day of a Hispanic becoming President is one step closer to reality.

But before we get too excited over the prospect of Obama becoming President we need to remind ourselves that this is politics and that change will only occur when our community fully interjects itself into the process. This means volunteering, donating, becoming involved, and most importantly voting. When this occurs is when the real change will occur and that day will be soon now with Obama leading the way.

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