July 11, 2008


Catholics, Free Trade and Obama

By Raoul Lowery Contreras

Chris Mathews on his MSNBC “Hardball” program reported poll results that indicate the Obama campaign is done for, is toast, is a loser.

Roman Catholic Mathews reported that 57% of Roman Catholics are for John McCain while only 37% support him. Can Obama win in the face of history and these survey results?

Couple that disastrous showing among Catholics with an alleged “29%” Hispanic support of John McCain and Obama can’t win. McCain should have no problem raising that “29%” Hispanic support to 35%, which is the magic figure a Republican needs of Hispanic support to win the Presidency. Note: Our Lady of Guadalupe.

Pollsters ignore the fact that Mexican origin people make up 65-70% of Hispanics, in doing so they make two mistakes in Hispanic polling. One, they overly represent heavily Democrat Puerto Ricans and two, they don’t apportion the voters surveyed. So what if Obama carries New York by a million Puerto Rican votes. Does that give New York more electoral votes? No. Conversely, if McCain gets only 40% of the New Mexico Hispanic vote, he wins the state, the same for Florida. In Florida’s primary, he carried 80% of the Hispanic vote.

In 1960 these groups voted for John F. Kennedy. He was a decorated war hero elected to Congress first then to the Senate giving him 14 years in Congress and three years of WWII Navy service. The larger plus, of course, was that he was a Roman Catholic. The election was so close that his victory was by Catholic Republicans voting for him in order to elect the country’s first Catholic President. It’s the only reason he won.

Obama isn’t a Roman Catholic. In fact, many Catholics don’t believe Obama is even a Christian. His 20-year long membership in a Black Nationalist Church is the proof enough to disbelieve Obama is a serious Christian or a Christian at all. Had the politically motivated young Obama really wanted a respectable religious base for a political career he would have joined one of Chicago’s large Black Catholic churches; he didn’t. He chose a church run by a raving Black Nationalist named Reverend Jeremiah Wright.

Roman Catholics will support Protestant candidates (Johnson, Nixon, Reagan, Bush, Bush and Clinton) even when the politicos aren’t particularly religious. President Reagan rarely went to church when in office. But his close relationship with Pope John Paul II and their partnership in bringing down the Soviet Empire did not go unnoticed by Roman Catholics.

There aren’t many Catholics who think that Obama could have worked closely with the Pope John Paul II for the simple reason that all they “see” is Jeremiah Wright whispering in Obama’s ear. Pope John Paul loved America— Wright, not so much.

They don’t believe him when he says that “faith-based” programs need to be utilized more in this country when his Democratic Party overwhelmingly opposes such “relationships.” Further he is anti-Catholic when he says he will stop the Catholic Church from not hiring abortion supporters (A clause in the 1964 Civil Rights Act exempts churches from hiring people with beliefs contrary to church doctrine). He would need to change the 44-year-old law.

McCain just went to Catholic Colombia and Mexico to strengthen relations with these countries, both of which are fighting narco-terrorists in wars that are tumultuous and bloody. A Mexican Cardinal blessed McCain at the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe outside Mexico City and video of that event made television newscasts throughout America. Where is Obama?

He opposes a free trade agreement with Colombia that will remove high tariffs on American goods as he opposed the Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA) and questions Bill Clinton’s NAFTA. What do these agreements all have in common, Mr. Obama, besides creating millions of American jobs since 1994? It’s obvious – Hispanics. Obama lies when he states he is for “Free Trade.”

Obama wants to talk with Iran’s terrorist President while junking 14-year-old NAFTA with Canada and Mexico. We get two-thirds of our oil from these two countries. Does Obama know that?

Roman Catholics don’t believe Obama’s religious sincerity or his outreach to Catholic Charities (and other faith-based organizations) or accept his two-decade association with a bombastic Reverend Jeremiah Wright whom Roman Catholics despise both for his views and for his phony presentation.

Hispanics take note of his passionate anti-free trade with Hispanic nations from which most American Hispanic families came from and still have relatives in – given this, he hasn’t closed the deal with Hispanics outside New York City. In Chicago, his home, he barely beat Hillary among Hispanics by less than one percent.

If Roman Catholics and Hispanics vote as indicated in current polling, Obama loses as he has lost every contest where Roman Catholics and Hispanics voted in the primaries. It is déjà vu all over again? 

Contreras produces and anchors a daily newscast on San Diego’s Channel 61.

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