July 11, 2008

The Public Forum . . . El Foro Publico

It is time to hold people accountable for dirty politics in Chula Vista

The politicians who paid Tom Shepard and Associations or accepted contributions from the Lincoln Club aided and abetted if not encouraged all the negative advertising in the June election. We clearly don’t need any of them in office.

The priest who preached against Proposition E should be ashamed, since the new church does not need a General Plan amendment, making Proposition E irrelevant.

Sharp Memorial Hospital, which spent $100,000 of the hospital’s operating funds on advertising and contributions, owes its clients an apology for its fiscal irresponsibility, since for $34,000 it could have put a measure on the ballot in November to exempt all hospitals, schools and churches from Proposition E and the General Plan’s height limits. Now in two years if the hospital brings plans to the city for a building over 94 feet they will have to pay the expenses and spend the time to get a General Plan amendment.

The two elected officials who preferred to spend $30,000 on a biased financial report to help their big developer friends instead of $4,000 more to exempt hospitals, schools and churches.

Theresa Acerro
Chula Vista

Prop E and high-rises still an issue

Well, Mayor Cheryl Cox is at it again. A month after Prop E, Cheryl and the city Redevelopment Agency are planning to spend over $100,000 of our tax dollars for another report, this one likely to justify hi-rises on H St. This change will benefit developers, including Jim Pieri, who contributed over $15,000 to the Lincoln Club to help fund her election campaign.

The work is to be done by the Urban Land Institute (ULI) which just happened to give the city an award on it’s Urban Core Specific Plan for northwest Chula Vista last week. By coincidence, the Redevelopment agency was responsible for for preparing the Urban Core Specific Plan.

Some have questioned the quality of the Urban Core Specific Plan. Last minute changes exempting mobile home parks and residentially zoned property leave a map of the Urban Core Specific Plan looking like a piece of Swiss cheese. A lawsuit challenging the Urban Core Specific Plan is underway because of alleged flaws and conflicts.

A lot of people criticized the city last week for not funding the 4th of July fireworks display. Many southwest Chula Vista residents just want their streets fixed. People in East Chula Vista want the parks they were promised. Citizens take note and make your own decision on where the mayor’s spending priorities are. Are they for the community or for the developer supporter’s?

Sonny Chandler
Danny Chandler

Chula Vista

It seems that the politicians at City Hall won’t stop pushing for high-rises, on Third Avenue and elsewhere in the community. It is always more, more, more.

There is no problem with high-rise development when it is done right. But why do they need to have it in the middle of our communities?

The biggest problem with designating new areas for high-rise development is that the areas already designated for high-rises aren’t even being utilized. The Old Corporate Yard is designated for high-rise development up to fifteen stories, but the only proposed development there is for a five story building.

So why do they need Third Avenue high-rises when the City of Chula Vista can’t even get a high-rise development where they are designated? City Hall needs to stop pushing their developer influenced agenda and focus on fostering an economic situation that will utilize what we already have, instead of asking for more space in our residential communities that will not be used efficiently and will lead to deterioration of the quality of life for residents.

Greg Johnson
Chula Vista

Dialing for Dollars

Say what you want about law enforcement in Chula Vista but look at the record.

Oh sure we can’t seem to get a handle on murder, assault, and we have even had several unsolved bank robberies and couldn’t handle the traffic at a Pee Wee Herman concert but on the first day of “THE BAN” our sworn officers wrote over twice as many tickets to cell phone scofflaws than the rest of the county put together. Combine that with the city council’s recent hardcore opposition to novelty lighters and an entire swat team apparently assigned to checking homeless ID’s and making sure I am buckled up properly and I am starting to feel really safe here in big brothers arms.

Ted Kennedy
Chula Vista

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