January 18, 2008


Prop. 91 A Ballot Initiative that proponents want you to vote No.

Proposition 91: Transportation Funds
Initiative Constitutional Amendment - Majority Approval Required

When Proposition 91 was being qualified for this year’s ballot the spon-sors of this bill were asking the voters to ensure that taxes collected for transportation projects be used soley for those projects. In the meantime a bipartisan State Legislature and the Governor put a constitutional measure on the 2006 elections, Prop. 1A, that accomplished the same as Prop. 91. Prop. 91 is no longer needed.

Rules and regulations being what they are, the proponents of Prop. 91 could not withdraw the initiative from the ballot. As such the proposition will be on the ballot with only one argument for or against it and that comes from proponents of the bill who are asking you to vote NO on Prop. 91. It is redundant.

Vote NO on Prop. 91

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