January 11, 2008

South Bay Expressway “Drive Free” Promo Ends January 13

New Years Resolutions: Save money, spend more time with family, save gas, avoid stress, arrive on time, GET FASTRAK

This is the last week of free driving for FasTrak customers on South Bay Expressway. Beginning Sunday, January 13 at midnight tolls will be deducted from customers FasTrak accounts. For those who haven’t already done so, now is the time to sign up for a South Bay Expressway FasTrak account to take advantage of the opening promotion and enjoy the final week of toll free driving.

In addition to saving money on tolls (from $.25 - $1.75 per trip), FasTrak customers never have to stop at toll booths, but can drive on through at full highway speeds. There are clearly marked “FasTrak lanes” at onramps and offramps.

South Bay Expressway is a completely automated, state-of-the-art toll road designed for use with FasTrak. Cash is accepted at on/off ramps as a courtesy for infrequent users and out-of-town customers.


With FasTrak, the correct toll is automatically deducted from the customer’s prepaid account. When a customer opens a FasTrak account at South Bay Expressway with a credit or debit card, South Bay Expressway provides a free transponder, which is placed on the windshield of the customer’s vehicle. Similar to a pre-paid phone card, the customer pre-pays $40 per transponder in toll credits and uses South Bay Expressway as much or little as they want. The account balance is automatically replenished when it reaches a certain threshold as the customer uses South Bay Expressway or other California toll roads and bridges.

If a customer wishes to close his or her FasTrak account, they simply return their FasTrak transponder in good condition and the unused balance that the customer prepaid will be refunded (Promotional credits are non-refundable).

With FasTrak, short, “neighborhood” trips within Chula Vista (trips beginning and ending anywhere between East H Street and Birch Road) costs just $.75 and a through trip from SR-54 to Otay Mesa costs $3.50.

Customers can sign up for FasTrak online at southbayexpressway.com, in person at the Customer Service Center in Otay Mesa (1129 La Media Rd.) or by calling 619-661-7070.

Cash Tolls – Exact Change Only

Cash tolls range from $2.00 to $3.75. Failure to stop and pay the toll results in a minimum fine of $37.50. Please use correct change for these machines as no change is given at the on/offramps. To help customers determine exactly how much a given trip will cost, customers can visit southbayexpress way.com and click on the “Toll Wizard” button on the home page. From there, a customer can click on where he or she will enter and exit the Expressway and the wizard calculates the toll.

When traveling north on South Bay Expressway, cash tolls are paid at an automatic cash machine upon entering at the onramp. When traveling south, cash tolls are paid at an automatic cash machine upon exiting at the offramp.

Simply toss coins into the basket or use the bill acceptor (accepts $1, $5 and $10 bills only), watch for the green light and drive through. For cash-paying customers driving the full length of the road, friendly toll attendants at the Otay Mesa toll plaza are happy to provide change and a receipt.

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