January 11, 2008

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“Confidential” National City employees pay raises?

The city council on Tuesday will vote on approving a 3 per cent cost of living raise for several confidential employees effective Jan. 1 and a 4 per cent increase in base salary effective next January. In addition the confidential employees who are executive assistants agreed to begin contributing 2 percent of their retirement account instead of having the city pay the entire cost.

This comes after you (Ron Morrison) as Mayor, and your rubber stamp city council caused a 6 million deficit that resulted in the approval (after scare tactics were used by you and your supporters) of Prop “D” the 8-¾% sales tax. You, the city council and political supporters sold Prop “D” to residents as needed to “restore” city services when in fact the proposition has saddled NC residents (the poorest in SD County) with one of the highest sales tax in California!

On top of that it has become apparent and obvious that Prop “D” tax monies are and have been used by you and the council to reward those who supported (the majority who reside outside of NC) your political efforts to pass Prop “D.” For example $20,000 bonuses to the city’s high paid city administrators (City Attorney $23,000.00), pay increases to police officers, firemen, city employees, and increases now to the city’s “confidential” employees.

In closing, NC residents are watching and will remember the vote tonight by you and the council to continue paying off political supporters when they vote in the November 2008 election to repeal Prop “D.”

Herman Baca
Committee On Chicano Rights

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