December 24, 2008


Feliz Navidad

Merry Christmas

Christmas is a time where we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. The birth of Christ represents a new beginning, a sign of hope, and an opportunity for peace.

This year, more than any other year, we embrace this celebration as we look forward to a new beginning, a new year. The “things” in life that we once assumed would always be there and would bring us joy have disappointed us, yet we continue on.

As the stock market crumbles, jobs are lost, homes are foreclosed upon, and the immediate economic outlook is bleak, we must remain positive and determined to overcome these difficult times.

The celebration of Christmas provides us with an opportunity to seek peace with our daily struggles and gives us a chance to believe that better days will soon be here.

Christmas is a time for family to come together, to share in their love, to laugh and experience joy. It is a time for neighbors to share cookies and decorate their houses with holiday lights for all to enjoy. There are very few moments as wonderful as sharing Christmas morning with children, watching them open presents from Santa on Christmas day.

Christmas is also a time for remembrance and gratitude and grace.

Today, many of us find ourselves having to do more with less, creatively stretching our reserves to make ends meet. Still there are others who have even less and are struggling more than normal. Christmas is a time when we can reach out and help those who need a little bit of good will. Helping others makes us feel good and also gives hope for those who need it most. It doesn’t take much to bring happiness to strangers: a toy, a blanket, food, and small donation. If we all come together and share what we can, the results can be tremendous and long lasting.

This Christmas let us share in the joy of Christmas and faith in God and our fellow man as we work and look forward to a new beginning.

Feliz Navidad and Merry Christmas

La Prensa San Diego

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