December 5, 2008

Gov. Bill Richardson the next Commerce Secretary, does anyone know who the present Commerce Secretary is? Most politicos are saying this is a slap in the face to Hispanics!!! Este Indio disagrees not a slap in the face to Hispanics. Richardson showed political savvy in picking and going with a winner, but showed a lack of character when he abandoned the Clintons who made him the politico he is today. This second tier appointment says more about Richardson than anything else.

There is an old saying, especially in sports, that you stick with what got you there, usually uttered during a championship game. Richardson did not stick with the team that got him to where he is. Obama wants team players with this top Cabinet posts.

Última pregunta: why has the focus been on Bill Richardson as if he is the only qualified Hispanic out there good enough to serve on team Obama? The fact that Obama hasn’t identified any of these deserving Hispanics for a leadership role is telling, qué pasó with LA mayor Villaraigosa or Fabian Nuñez both rising political stars????

Oopps!!! Nuñez son implicated in a stabbing death at SDSU over the weekend… Nuñez’ star just came crashing to earth.

Qué pasó con Luis Natividad??? Why can’t Natividad work fulltime and serve on the NC city council for two more years, council is only parttime meeting twice a month at night for about 3 hours a meeting??? How taxing could that be??? Maybe there is something more to his leaving than just a new job, quien sabe!!!

Immigrant raid of Agriproccessors may have scooped up 400 migrant workers, has now bankrupted the company which provided 80% of the kosher meat to the Orthodox Jews. Now thousands of Jews are having to do with less meat in their life and what meat they do get they are paying a higher price for.

Rumor has it that the next new reality show coming to a television near you will be that of chasing and catching immigrants crossing the border. I guess that is what you call must see TV… television capturing human suffering.

Speaking of heritage, a couple of weeks ago Tezezomoc noted that there were no Filipino elected candidates in San Diego which we found out is not quite true. It turns out that Todd Gloria, newly elected San Diego city council person is part Filipino, part American Indian, part Latino, and part Dutch. Sounds like he is all American.

Word is out that Mike Aguirre is angling for a position with the Obama administration as the next U.S. Attorney serving San Diego. There is a good possibility that this could happen so don’t be surprised. That sure would a kick in the pants to the establishement who wanted Aguirre out of office. At least it gives something for the UT to write about for the next few years.

Not much to feel good about these days, but it does feel good to see all the Christmas lights coming on up and down the neighborhood streets. They represent a glimmer of hope to this old indio!

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