December 5, 2008


Obama Fails Hispanics

By Raoul Lowery Contreras

History has a habit of repeating itself, doesn’t it?

In Sunday’s game between the Cleveland Browns and the Indianapolis Colts, the Colts drove the field to the six-inch line and ran a fourth down quarterback sneak with Peyton Manning trying the 6-inch sneak. He fumbled the ball and Colt tight end Dallas Clark recovered the ball and pushed it over the goal line thinking he had scored a touchdown.

Officials called the “Holy Roller” rule bringing back a nauseous moment in my life that occurred almost 30 years ago. They ruled that a player from the same team could not advance a fumble during the last two minutes of a half. Only the fumbler could recover and advance the ball during those last two minutes.

My personal history with this rule occurred three decades ago when Oakland Raider quarterback Kenny Stabler ran around the backfield in desperation on the last play of a game that my San Diego Chargers led by four points with 10 seconds to go.

As he was dragged down for a loss on this last play of the game, he tossed the ball forward. It hit the ground and was kicked by a Raider towards the goal line. As it crossed he line a Raider fell on it and the officials called a touchdown giving the Raiders the win. It was disgusting, so disgusting that the National Football League made the “Holy Roller” rule that was invoked in Cleveland on Sunday.

Colt quarterback Payton Manning was bitten by history.

So, it appears is the Hispanic who voted for Barack Obama hoping for change, for recognition and for a place in the political sun. It has not happened and probably will not.

Hispanics have been given a middle-index finger by Obama and his aides who don’t seem to be able to find any Hispanics worthy of filling varsity jobs in the Obama cabinet or White House.

Sure, New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson, whose mother is of Mexican origin, appears to be the new Secretary of Commerce, but Carlos Gutierrez, who was a business star before his nomination, currently holds the job. Richardson is a career politician with a substantial foreign policy resume who was eclipsed by Hillary Clinton for Secretary of State. He does not have a private business background.

Richardson served as Ambassador to the United Nations and Secretary of Energy under President William Clinton. Before that service, Richardson was a New Mexico congressman.

No other Hispanic politician, business or academic leader has been mentioned for any other prominent jobs in the Obama administration. One would think that Obama’s people could find some Hispanic to appoint to a prominent job, George W. Bush did (he appointed three Hispanics to the Cabinet).

In fact, it was Ronald Reagan who made the first Hispanic cabinet appointment with President Bush (41) making two Hispanic cabinet appointments. Clinton, did not improve on the history-making Reagan-Bush appointments to the Cabinet, he simply maintained the Reagan-Bush record and that didn’t last long with one convicted of a federal crime and the other fired for incompetence.

As mentioned, GWB made three Hispanic cabinet appointments — a historical record.

So, other than Bill Richardson, where are the other prospective Hispanic appointments to high positions in the “change” administration of Barack Obama?

Here is where the insult to Hispanics enters. Greg Craig, high-powered Washington D.C. attorney, has been named White House Counselor, a job held by Alberto Gonzalez in the first Bush Administration. Craig’s claim to fame is that he represented the Cuban Communist father of little Elian Gonzalez, the boy who survived the ocean crossing from Cuba to Florida on an inflated inner tube.

Most American Hispanics were outraged that Bill Clinton and his Attorney General authorized a pre-dawn illegal raid by machine gun armed immigration officers to take Elian away from his Miami relatives. Craig is now Obama’s Counsel-to-be.

Obama, who has never visited Latin America, not even Tijuana, seems to be living out this writer’s predictions and observations that he wouldn’t know a Hispanic if he tripped on one.

Proof, Eric Holder is the Attorney General-to-be. He was burning the predawn oil supervising the illegal raid and grab of Elian Gonzalez that morning in Miami that was immortalized by a news photo of a storm trooper brandishing a machine gun in the face of a hysterical 5-year-old boy. Remember? Better yet…Comprende?

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