August 29, 2008

Viva Obama! Took the train back from Denver, la tren es the way to travel. Went up there to hang with mis politico home boys, pero, me compa lives there in the mountains and we never left the cabin. It was so beautiful, clean, and refreshing. Just couldn’t drag myself away from nature. Thought I better enjoy it before Bush decides to put an oil rig out there.

Viva Obama! Que paso con Armando Navarro de Riverside. First he starts out creating Viva Obama clubs in SoCal, and then he goes to Denver to protest Obama!!! Must be a love/hate relationship. He and Enrique Morones in Denver protesting for a fair and humane immigration policy....

There is just one problem for the protestors nobody knows they are there. The police assigned a protest staging area over a mile away from the convention site. Word has it that there are more police than protestors and the majority of the protestors are from the geritol generation. All the young hipsters are at the convention have a grand old time.

Viva Obama! Saw the puff piece with David Valloidad and the local Viva Obama clubs in San Diego where they announced they now going to use this as an opportunity to go out and register voters! Pregunta? What happened with the registration drive of two years ago when the slogan was “today we march, tomorrow we vote?” These same hombres in the story should have already been out registering la gente, que no?

Viva Obama! guess old Tezzy didn’t miss much at the convention, have you ever eaten the Mexican food in Denver??? Still didn’t miss much the only Hispanics there were the old timers like Dolores Huerta, Federico Peña, and Bill Richardson, nothing exiciting there, been there, done that.

Had to get home by the weekend La Prensa editor Dan Munoz is going to be on Shades of San Diego, Channel 4, 5 pm, Sunday. If you blink you may miss el hombre on for only a few minutes.

Que paso con city manger of CV, David Garcia. So he likes to look at naked ladies, there is a reason internet porm is a billion dollar business. Pero he should have know better than to do it at work. Garcia not getting much support from city council, that next job review could be a dozzy. Hope he is renting month to month.

Pobricito Mike Aguirre: The bad news just keeps pilling up on the guy. If he wins relection, it will nothing less than a mirical.

Heard on the grapevine that the poll numbers on CV mayor Cherly Cox are at their lowest point ever, somewhere in the low 20s as to the job she is doing as mayor. Are we looking at a one term mayor???

Labor Day Weekend: the last day of summer vacation for all the kids and the first day for the election as we count down to November. Hell this Indio may go back to Denver and watch the deer run through the backyard once again.

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