August 1, 2008

Six year-old World Champion Martial Artist

Otay Ranch resident, Angelo D’Ercole age 6, has recently returned from the World’s Martial Arts Championship in Orlando, Florida with two gold medals distinguishing him as a world champion of his category. Sponsored by the World Tang Soo Do Association, the classic biannual event was held on July 11-12th and drew more than 2,000 competitors to Orlando’s Orange County Convention Center. Martial art enthusiasts representing some thirty countries and ranging in all sizes, ranks and ages gathered for two days of competition skill, camaraderie, and the chance to become champions of the world. Angelo is a second grader at the Wolf Canyon Elementary in Chula Vista and has been practicing karate since age two under the tutelage of his parents and also his instructors, Larry and Leslie D’Ercole.

A team of twenty martial artists representing Chula Vista joined with Angelo and were matched against other USA and foreign competitors in weapons, free-sparring and forms categories with several claiming outstanding results. Excitement and anticipation had been mounting since the beginning of the year as Angelo and his teammates prepared with hours of focus-training and coaching to become the best they can be. “Attitude is everything” says Larry D’Ercole, master instructor at Tang Soo Do Karate Institute (www.tang “To be surrounded by so much positive energy and ambition for success is just so healthy. Developing and applying this kind of mind-set and confidence are the real prizes here.” In addition to the competition, Angelo was selected to lead a group of pre-schoolers in the event’s opening ceremony demonstrating the features and benefits of the pre-school children’s program. After the event Angelo and his family celebrated his success with a visit to Walt Disney’s Magic Kingdom.

The team now have their sights set on the organization’s next California Regional Championship scheduled for October 11th and to be held here in Chula Vista.

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