August 1, 2008


Will the real Barack Obama please stand up?

For anyone under 30 years of age, you probably don’t remember the television show “TO TELL THE TRUTH.” The show had three contestants, two would lie, and one was sworn to tell the truth. A panel of judges would try to determine which contestant was lying, and who was telling the truth. At the end of the show the host would ask the real, non-lying, guest to stand up for all to see. Like the panel of judges on “TO TELL THE TRUTH,” the Hispanic community is attempting to figure out before election day who the real Barack Obama is on the immigration issue.

Is it the Obama seen in Germany or the Obama in the United States Senate?

In a successful speech before 200,000 persons in Germany, presidential candidate Barack Obama made reference to the tearing down of the Berlin Wall, and the urgent need for governments to heal divisions between peoples:

“That is why the greatest danger of all is to allow new walls to divide us from one another.

The walls between old allies on either side of the Atlantic cannot stand. The walls between the countries with the most and those with the least cannot stand.

The walls between races and tribes; natives and immigrants; Christian and Muslim and Jew cannot stand.

These now are the walls we must tear down.”

For many in the Hispanic community, Obama’s words in Germany were an inspiration and hope for a better future. Unfortunately Obama’s actions and words in Germany contradict his own words and vote in the United States Senate.

In 2006 Obama instead of giving his words meaning and demonstrate his actions to support his Germany contention of tearing down walls, voted in the U.S. Senate to support the building of a $700 million dollar wall along the US/Mexico border! The wall, if built, will become a symbol of racism and nativism to 40 million of persons of Mexican ancestry in the U.S., Mexico, Central and South America. So Obama, instead of bringing down walls between “countries with the most and those with the least,” voted and showed us a different Obama than the candidate now seeking the U.S. Presidency.

So the question before Election Day becomes, which Obama is telling the truth, Obama in Germany or Obama in the U.S. Senate?

While the Obama campaign has at the present time the overwhelming support of Hispanics because of his speeches that have expressed support for humane changes on the immigration issue. Actions speak louder than words and the presumed Hispanic support and vote could rapidly change as the election draws near.

While the Hispanic community recognizes that the Republican Party and President George Bush have plunged the country into war and recession, Hispanics like other Americans seek meaningful political changes, candidate John McCain and especially Barack Obama need to understand that if they expect to receive Hispanic support, they cannot take the vote for granted, and have to be truthful, accountable and have a mutual respect. The Hispanic community cannot and will not accept anything less.

We call before election day for the real Obama to stand up!

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