April 25, 2008

Hijole,you make one little mistake and the next thing you know you’re having to print a retraction. April 11 in Tezozomoc we were talking about the shooting and investigation of Rachael Silva and her attorney Michael Pancer, noting that Pancer was remembered for handling the case of, now here is where the mistake was made, we should have said Ralph Inzunza, Jr, but we mistakenly identified his brother, the brother of former mayor of National City, Michael Inzunza. Mi culpa.

Here is Michael Inzunza’s request for the record: “The Tezozomoc Speaks section of your publication stated that attorney Michael Pancer legally defended me. I have never been accused, charged or even investigated by a public or private employer or any local, state or federal jurisdiction. Nor has Michael Pancer ever represented me in any legal manner.”

Pobre DA Bonnie Dumanis, been a bad couple of weeks for her. First, the Cynthia Sommer case that her office kind of bungled, with Sommer spending a couple of years in jail for no reason. Lawyers must lining up to sue on this one. Then, the bungled political hacket job they tried on Steve Castaneda. Dumanis not exactly covering herself in glory.

Speaking of covering themselves in something??? San Diego mayor, Jerry Sanders got a little heated and cussed out candidate Steve Francis the other day. There is an old Indian saying, when you can’t think of anything intelligent to say… just cuss at that person. That will show them!!!

We have always felt that La Mesa was a pretty cool place to live, what with their rolling hills, fancy homes, miniature golf course, and lovely lake, but now we find out it is much cooler than that. A special investigation into the police handling of an intoxicated mayor, Art Madrid, by driving him home was okay. So I guess the next time we have a little too much fire water we can expect a ride home from our friendly police officer, instead of that nasty visit to the detox center.

Well that is it for this week. Thanks for reading and we talk with you soon.

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