September 7, 2007

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It is unbelievable, but understandable that you as mayor (Ron Morrision of National City) along with your “rubber stamp” city council, will discuss and vote (approval is almost assured) as the anti-community, pro business Community Development Commission (CDC) to:

Authorize the CDC Director to execute a 3-year loan of city monies, for up to 2.6 million dollar to an out of country wealthy Australian developer, Constellation Property Group to, “assist with property acquisition.” According to published reports Constellation Property Group is involved with a $130 million dollar development in National City and plans to build upscale condos that would sell from $400,000.00 to $750,000.00!

It is politically unbelievable that after the SD Union accused you of being “SLEAZY” that you as mayor with the city council acting as the CDC would still have the audacity to discuss and possibly vote to approve 2.6 million dollar to a wealthy developer in light of the fact that;

* You and the city council stated to residents that National City faced a 6 million deficit,

* You and the council (after causing the deficit) imposed one of the highest sales taxes in California (8 ¾%) on National City, the poorest city in SD County, 3rd in California and 9th in the U.S.

* The condominium market is stagnant and sales are down,

* The loan to Constellation Property Group for “property acquisition” adds insult to injury to tax paying property owners in National City who opposed the eminent domain of their property,

* Your administration is unable (in 2 years) to address residents needs such as making repairs to the bathrooms at El Toyon football field.

In closing, rest assured that if you, or any of the city council members vote to approve the 2.6 million dollar loan to Constellation Property Group that this matter will become an issue in the 2008 election, along with the measure to repeal Proposition “D” (8 ¾% sales tax), eminent domain, and candidate elections.

Herman Baca
Committee On Chicano Rights
National City

Reponses to “I am a Union leader”

In response to “I am Latino and I am a Union leader” (August 24, 2007), union members should be furious with their leadership over their attempts to unfairly monopolize these projects. To demand that a job meet certain minimal standards is fine. To discriminate against the majority of local workers who are non-union—including many Hispanics—just to secure a monopoly is wrong. When union leaders obstruct projects for their own interests, the only people who lose out in the end are their own workers. I would like to help build the Gaylord project and do not appreciate being told by these union “leaders” that my skills are not needed!

David Jacobo
Chula Vista

Regarding “I am Latino and I am a Union leader” (August 24, 2007), I don’t mind seeing my tax dollars go into important projects like the Bayfront or Sweetwater Union High School District refurbishments. That’s what taxes are for. What they are not for is a union-only monopoly that would keep local workers like me off the job. Chula Vista should welcome union workers—we just don’t need union politics. Let’s make sure we have a fair and open process by supporting pro-competition/pro-worker measures that would prohibit any union-only project labor agreement on any of these projects.

Julio Serrano
Chula Vista

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