September 7, 2007


The San Diego Chargers and the Community

The football season is now underway and expectations for the San Diego Chargers are at an all time high. A Super Bowl appearance is expected, losing a first round playoff game will be totally unacceptable. And for the die-hard Charger fan an undefeated season is not out of the question, they went 14-2 last year. The two Charger losses were last minute defeats, in games they could have and should have won. So a 16-0 season is not out of the question, or so we dream.

Normally we don’t devote a lot of editorial space to the Chargers. Part of the reason lies in the fact that professional football is a sport of millionaires. The owners are multi-millionaires and the players are millionaires. The cost to a city in order to maintain a football team cost the city millions, just this past month the City of San Diego had to pay the Chargers $1 million for lost revenue due to handicap accommodations. And who doesn’t recall the infamous ticket guarantee where the city paid the Chargers for unsold game tickets.

Millions if not Billions of dollars devoted to a game while the City and the County faces problems where the millions of dollars that go to the Chargers could be spent on issues such as the pension fund, water pipe issues, pot holes, housing issues, unemployment, homeless issues, and on, and on. Instead the City of San Diego chooses to spend this money on football. For this reason we tend to focus on the local college and high school teams, where football is still a game.

With that said, a winning professional football team elevates a city and county, everybody feels good to be a part of winner. There is pride and enjoyment as we watch our team win, and win a lot. We pound our chest that our team is Number 1 and we have bragging rights as our team makes their move toward the Super Bowl.

For the next six months we will live and die on the arm of Philip Rivers, expect a great run every time LaDainian Tomlinson touches the ball, and pray that our defensive backfield, the Achilles heel of the defenses, rises to the occasion and make us all proud.

Charger fans everywhere will be tuned into the television this Sunday at 1 pm as the Chargers go against the Chicago Bears and start their season with their goal set on February 2, 2008 - Super Bowl Sunday.

Winning makes everthing look a little better and we look forward to a winning season.

Go Chargers!

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