October 26, 2007

Local Chicano Publisher to Celebrate Founding

Calacazo! to Mark 10 Years for Calaca Press

NATIONAL CITY, CALIFAS - On Saturday, November 3, 2007 Calaca Press co-owners Consuelo Manríquez de Beltrán and Brent E. Beltrán will host a private, invite only pachanga called Calacazo! to celebrate ten years of publishing and producing Chicano literature. The fiesta will take place in National City at their home, Calacalandia.

Since their founding in a small two bedroom apartment in San Diego’s Golden Hill neighborhood, Calaca Press, and it’s imprint Red CalacArts Publications, has published 24 books, chapbooks, and CD’s. During that time Calaca has worked with over 100 different authors and artists. Including the likes of Guillermo Gomez-Peña, the Taco Shop Poets, Chicano literary icons raulrsalinas, alurista and Lalo Delgado, female talents Olga A. García and Leticia Hernandez-Linares, Chicano artists Victor Ochoa, Sal Barajas, and Nuvia Crisol Guerra and many other talented individuals.

In addition to publishing and producing, Calaca helped co-found the performance space Voz Alta, founded by the artivist group Red CalacArts Collective, the video content website CalacaVision.com and BOLIVARTES: A Committee in Solidarity with the Bolivarian Process. They also programmed 6 months of art exhibits and events at the defunct Chicano Perk in National City. As the Red CalacArts Collective, they organize annual events like Dia de la Mujer Internacional, Dia de los Muertos, Calacas Contra la Guerra, and Chicano Park Fundraisers. The Redz have also co-sponsored Chicano Park Day as well as helped many other individuals and groups, program and promote their events and self publish their work.

With a sense of community and a “do it yourself” attitude, Calaca Press has created opportunities for those whose work has been ignored by the mainstream publishing houses. In an age of anti-bilingualism and backlashes against Mexicans by politicians and so-called Minutemen, Calaca has chosen to stand defiantly and publish authors whose work goes against the current of English Only and illegal alien fear mongering. This sense of purpose has helped inspire Calaca to continue through what has been a difficult time for their community.

Calacazo! will feature music by Mariachi Continental de San Diego, acoustic sounds by singer songwriter Esteban Cardoso (formerly of Acteal), and son jarocho by Guaraca! and friends.

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