October 12, 2007

Pregunta – whatever happened to all the talk about the Denise Ducheny for mayor. One week of hoopla and then nada? Does this mean Ducheny can move back to her ocean front beach home in I.B.?

The more things change, the more they stay the same…..

When the voters of National City elected Ron Morrison they thought they were voting for a change but more and more it looks a lot like the same old past leadership. Seems like Morrison is Nick Inzunza light, not as rambunctious as Inzunza but following the same ideas and goals. Making esto Indio sorry that we endorsed him to begin with.

Hispanic Heritage Month is being celebrated by the football teams the Miami Dolphins and San Francisco 49ers to name a few. Not celebrating Hispanic Heritage are the San Diego Chargers.

Los smoke signals from the political hills burn much wood lately…

The first signals puffing out from Saco say that Assembly member Shirley Horton, if term limits extension is defeated, will run for Chula Vista City council... hummmm, very interesting!

Smoke signals out of the South Bay say that Jerry Rindone has his sights set on Pearl Quiñones’ seat on the Sweetwater Union High School District… that would make for an interesting race… wonder if Rindone has what it takes to beat an incumbent Hispanic in the South Bay… guess we will find out.

Now that David Bejarano has taken a pass on the Chula Vista city council race does this mean that he may have his sights on bigger fish??? The scuttle butt is that the party may be looking to run Bejarano against Congressman Filner… now that would be interesting!!!

Qué pasó with ABC television…they dumped the George Lopez Show for the Caveman. Where the Lopez show was smart and funny the Caveman is just plain horrible. What was ABC thinking??? And you wonder why Hispanics complain about racial bias on television, this just another example.

Sweetwater High School District’s “Compact for Success” getting recognition and awards as a highly successful program for getting students into college. For everything that Ed Brand did wrong as superintendent during his tenure you have to give him credit for the “Compact”, this was his program.

President Bush called on Hispanic and black civil rights leaders to the White House to consult the President on the No Child Left Behind legislation. No disrespect to the civil rights leaders but what the heck do they know about education???? Why didn’t the President call on minority educators to discuss educational issues??? Bush probably wouldn’t like what he hears from minority educators.

Calling on civil rights leaders is part of the problem. The power structure only sees minorities through the prism of social service and fails to deal with us on equal terms.

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