November 2, 2007

The Emergence of a New Latina Talent

It’s always a great occasion when a new Latino actor makes their debut. It’s even more impressive when the film is a major feature. We have just such a case this week when Lymari Nadal stars in the role of a former Miss Puerto Rico and Denzel Washington’s wife in “American Gangster.”

Edward James Olmos exclaims, “Lymari Nadal is explosive in her first feature. A great start for a classically trained artist. We deserve this kind of young artist’s in the Latino community. “American Gangster” is a better film because of Lymari’s role in it.”

Based on the real life of drug-kingpin-turned informant Frank Lucas, “American Gangster” also stars Academy Award winners Denzel Washington, Russell Crowe, and Cuba Gooding Jr., as well as Armand Assante and John Ortiz. The film, which opens November 2, is mostly set in New York.

Lymari Nadal, stars in her first major feature opposite Denzel Washington in, “American Ganster.”

Lymari shares, “Everyone in the movie is a master at their craft from actors like Denzel and Russell to the director Ridley to the cinematographers, editors and writers. It was a blessing to work with all of them. And it’s such a great story. It’s every woman’s dream to play Denzel Washington’s wife. He’s generous, funny, and so talented. We both felt the pain of our characters.”

The November 2007 issue of Vanity Fair describes Lymari Nadal as “Smoldering, long-limbed, and equipped with…a master’s degree in chemistry from the University of Puerto Rico.” Lymari uses that blend of intelligence and sexiness to the upmost in the new feature film.

On the shift from chemistry to acting, “People were much more respectful and interested when I said I was a scientist than when I said I’m an actor. It’s because some people don’t really know what an actress does. I still do the same amount of research and work, I’m still a scientist, except now I’m a scientist of humanity,” is the insight from Lymari Nadal.

Lymari is very excited about the rising presence of Latinos within the film industry. “I think the doors are opening wide for Latinos in the film industry because we have more Latinos producing and writing movies. We have Selma Hayek, Guillermo del Toro, and Alfonso Cuaron doing great things. Plus the immigration situation is attracting more people to wanting to know us more. The more we get involved in producing and writing movies, the more we’ll get to see ourselves on the screen.”

Lymari concludes, “I think ‘American Gangster’ is going to be very big and that people are really going to enjoy it. It appeals to those that love drama. It’s different from other gangster films. There’s not as much shooting. There’s a lot of drama and some very funny scenes. It’s a character study.”

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