May 25, 2007

Guadalupanas hosted a wonderful retirement party for their Obispo, Gilberto Chavez. Obispo Chavez will be sorely missed as the Vicar for San Diego’s Hispanics, but he won’t be gone totally… he will continue to serve the community preside over baptisims, weddings, etc, which is good news.

Qué pasó with the City of Chula Vista, looking for technicalities to thwart the opportunity for the community to vote on a couple of initiatives: building heights and the change of the city attorney to an elected position. Hmmm, could it be they are afraid of seeing these initivatives going to the polls.

It is a sad day indeed when our elected officials are looking to thwart the publics will.

Looks like Chula Vista is on the fast track for redevelopment. This is not very good news for the Crossroaders who have put up a determined fight to keep the character of Chula Vista intact. Qué lástima… Steve Padilla isn’t looking so bad now!!!!

Chula Vista city councilman Steve Castañeda has his hands full with the District Attorney Dumanis’ new Public Integrity Unit. Seems that Castañeda has come under scrutiny from this secret investigation unit. Esto Indio is muy leary of any secret investigation unit doing secret investigations. Hey, Dumanis! Government is supposed to be transparent and above board. Secret goings-on just leads to secret misuses of power.

We find it strange that Dumanis has made her office the official watchdog over everything political in the county, this on top of the other half dozen or so political watch dog units/agencies in the county and state. This gives her the power to pick and choose which politician she wants to go after. Dumanis has already shown that she is not above playing politics.

National City Mayor Ron Morrison must be a huge sports fanatic. First he wanted the Chargers to move to his city. That idea didn’t fly. Now he is talking about bringing a sports arena/basketball team to the city. Hey Sr. Morrison, if you want a sports team in the city, why don’t you try building a soccer field? The South Bay is home of San Diego’s biggest soccer fans. With a soccer team you would find lots of support for that.

The immigration bill is a real hot potato, finding a middle ground on this one is going to be tough at best. Both sides of the political spectrum want something done. It is just that they have completely different ideas on the direction they want to go in. Good luck with that.

The more you read about the immigration bill the more confusing it gets and the problems with this bill become more apparent and seemingly unworkable. For example, the bill calls for making English the official language of the United States…. Qué pasó? Este Indio always thought English was the official language… What does this mean, that all official documents, such as ballots, will no longer be offered in Spanish…. ???

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales has been exposed for all to see. He has no credibility, has lost all respect, and has become an embarrassment, yet he insists on clinging to his job. Why? Sr. Gonzales suck it up and retire with dignity…

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