May 18, 2007

Tianguis Turistico promotes Tijuana in the United States

By Pablo Jaime Sáinz

It’s as if Tijuana were up for sale.

And in a way, what city officials are trying to accomplish with the Third Tianguis Turistico 2007 is try to sell the city’s many attractions, benefits, real estate, and business opportunities to potential tourists, investors, and visitors.

A “tianguis,” is the Mexican word for swapmeet. In Aztec society, “a tianguis was the equivalent to Wal-Mart,” said a statement from the City of Tijuana.

The Third Tianguis Turistico 2007 will take place this weekend, Saturday May 19 and Sunday May 20 at the esplanade of Tijuana Cultural Center (Cecut). It will feature representatives from all sectors of Tijuana society: restaurants, corporations, real estate agencies, government agencies, tourist attractions, bars, cultural sites, among other fields.

“The Tianguis Turistico will be a great opportunity to see the great selection of attractions and services available in Tijuana and its surroundings”, said Alfonso Bustamante, the city’s binational affairs director. “You’ll be able to visit the best hotels, taste Mexico’s excellent wines, and enjoy the region’s famous delicious foods.”

The main purpose of the Tianguis Turistico is to promote Tijuana among tourists, travel agencies, investors, and news media in California, Arizona, Nevada, and Texas.

Bustamante said the city has invited dozens of guests from these four states so that they can, in turn, return home and tell their customers and friends about the many attractions in Tijuana.

On Tuesday May 15, Ti-juana’s Mayor Kurt Honold held a press conference in San Diego to present the final details of the Tianguis Turistico, which will begin at 1 p.m. Saturday at Cecut.

“Tijuana is the most transited border city in our country, it has a multicultural scenery and its binational by excellence, enclosing its unbeatable dynamism that has forced her to grow even though it’s a very young city counting with 117 years, she has position herself as one of the most important cities in Mexico,” said the Mayor.

“In this event you will be guided true our city were you can se various tourist attractions such as  the most exclusive restaurants and hotels that our city has to offer, the Baja food and different attractions of the region. I’m looking forward to seeing you in this event and greeting you to our city.”

One of the most important aspects of the Tianguis Turistico will be the promotion of real estate in the city, Bustamante said.

The Tianguis will include representatives from different agencies and developments that offer housing and industrial space, he said. This area is known as the “Property Pavilion.”

There will be presentations such as “Hot to Invest in Mexico” and “Business Opportunities” by elected officials and chambers of commerce from Tijuana and other cities in Mexico.

Among the cultural activities included in the Tianguis Turistico are a sightseeing city tour, a visit to Rosarito and Puerto Nuevo, and a visit to the current exhibitions at Cecut.

Guests will stay at the Grand Hotel Tijuana. They will also enjoy a night of bingo at the Agua Caliente Racetrack.

Fees range from $82 to $90, depending on the services you include.

“Tijuana has always welcomed people from all over Mexico, from all over the United States, and from all over the world,” Honold said. “This time will be no different, showing once again that this is a friendly and welcoming city.”

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