May 18, 2007

Restore that furniture that’s full of memories

Furniture Affordable Repairs renovates that dinning table, that sofa, that piece of furniture that means so much to your family.

By Pablo Jaime Sainz

Maybe your mother or your wife has a piece of furniture that has an important sentimental meaning for the family.

Maybe it’s a wardrobe, an old dinning table, a chair that’s been handed down from generation to generation.

But with time, no matter how much love you have for it, that piece of furniture has been deteriorating, losing some of its charm.

Take the story of Silvia Ramos, a Chula Vista resident who last year, as a Mother’s Day gift, wanted to rescue and restore a bed and dresser that means so much for her mother.

The first thing Silvia did was call Furniture Affordable Repairs, a furniture repair and restoration company in Chula Vista that a friend had recommended for their quality services.

After several days, the bed and dresser, to Silvia’s surprise, looked like new, but maintained their texture and beauty that her mother loved so much.

“I couldn’t believe it,” Silvia said. “I even thought that it was other furniture, that maybe they had bought new items and delivered them to me. But no. They were the same, only beautifully restored.”

Silvia’s mother, Doña María, was amazed with the gift, since that pair of furniture had been in the family for decades.

“For my mom that bed and dresser mean a lot because they hold an incalculable sentimental value for her,” Silvia said.

Like Silvia, you can also maintain your special furniture tradition alive for your family thanks to Furniture Affordable Repairs, located in Chula Vista and servicing all of San Diego County.

“Almost all of us have a piece of furniture that means a lot to us,” said Joe, who’s originally from Tijuana but has lived in the U.S. for more than 40 years. “Maybe it is a wardrobe that you inherited from your grandmother, maybe it is a rocking chair that belonged to your father. Those memories can’t be bought, even if you buy a new and modern piece of furniture similar to it.”

“Besides,” said Joe, “today’s furniture isn’t made with the same quality as yesterday. Now the wood used is compressed, they hardly ever use fine wood like before, such as mahogany or pinewood.”

“You buy new furniture and after a year it’s useless,” he said.

Old furniture is another deal.

Maybe your grandmother’s wardrobe is a bit scratched, maybe the dinning table you bought when you got married decades ago needs a complete refinishing.

Don’t worry. Joe Serrano and his Furnitute Affordable Repairs team can help you give it a new look.

You probably think that, that sort of quality work must cost a fortune. But it’s cheaper and more affordable than you think. It’s even more affordable than buying a lower-quality, meaningless new piece of furniture with no sentimental value.

“For me, the best satisfaction is when my customers receive the restored furniture that will continue bringing so many memories from their families, from their pasts” said Joe, who with his assistant, Adrian Gonzalez has helped hundreds of costumers improve their furniture.

What’s more, the guarantee that Furniture Affordable Repairs offers, is that they use the same material from which the furniture was originally made. For example, if a chair is made from mahogany, they will buy a piece of mahogany to restore it. There’s nothing without quality here.

No wonder, thanks to its deluxe finishes, Furniture Affordable Repairs has served hundreds of customers since it was founded five years ago. They have customers from all ethnic and economic backgrounds, from all sides in San Diego County.

Joe and his team go to your house to make an estimate, they pick up the furniture and deliver it right back. So, in addition to affordable prices and the highest quality, they also offer a complete, comfortable service. And they speak both English and Spanish!

“It’s about, more than anything, high-quality, affordable furniture repairs, so that your family can keep those furniture treasures it has had for so many years,” said Joe Serrano.

If you need an estimate, don’t hesitate to call Furniture Affordable Repairs, where they speak both English and Spanish. The telephone number is (619) 423-8737. Or visit their homepage at Furniture Affordable Repairs is located at 2240 Main St. Suite #28, in Chula Vista.

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