March 16, 2007

Los gringos de Colorado no tienen Mexicanos to pick their crops. They went and passed the strictest anti-immigrant legislation in the land and now they’re having troubles! Seems they can’t find enough workers and all those jobs the Mexicans were taking away from Americans – forget about it! Farmers have raised the pay from $5.15 an hour to $9.60 an hour and still can’t get the gringos to come out and work!

Colorado’s answer to the labor shortage is to take State prisoners out of jail and put them to work! Mexicanos will be working for 65 cents an hour the going rate for prisoners I think. The farmers gotta like that!!!

La última palabra on Colorado. The Anti-Immigrant legislation even has the natives upset. They are finding it a hassle at the DMV. They think it is a hassle now, wait until the Homeland Security laws go into effect, talk about a hassle!!!

Homeboy Lalo Alcaraz made a name for himself with biting, edgy, editorial cartoons reflecting a Chicano point of view when his La Cuaracha cartoon crossed over to mainstream newspapers. Now his cartoon strip has been removed from the pages of the LA Times! Este Indio used to like his stuff. But ever since he crossed over, his stuff lost its edge and no longer speaks to este Indo. Qué lástima.

Seems that several Hispanics met with PBS Execs to discuss the Ken Burns WWII mini-series that was devoid of Hispanics. Wish we had something to report but not much happened. What we need is a good old fashion protest/demonstration that would get the point across. Sit down meetings, in a conference room, played right into their hands; that they can deal with. All that came out the meeting was lousy letter.

Liberty Station, Charger ticket guarantee, Pension fund debacle: what do all these have in common? That the City came out as the bigger loser on all of these- yes. But more to the point it all occurred under Susan Golding’s term as Mayor. That is one hell of a resume.

CV, City Councilman John McCann is out walking the streets on the Eastside campaign for Horton’s seat! But the Hispanos want to know where he stands on Hispanic issues and what exactly is the problem with a Hispanic (better qualified) as City Manager??? They say if he can’t support a Hispanic, why should Hispanics support him?

Mayor Cox is not showing much leadership in Chula Vista. The first big decision under her watch, and she can’t bring the City Council together to hire a City Manager.

Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales is the latest scapegoat from the Bush Administration, that about completes the circle, just about everybody at the White House has been disgraced with the exception of Rice. Sooner or later the roosters are going to come to rest on the President’s lap.

Gas is going up and it isn’t even summer yet. Did you know that when George W. Bush took office the cost of gas was at about $1.40! Today it is at $3.40!

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