March 2, 2007

A little Salsa comes to the Food Network. The Food Network is big and fun to watch but one thing has always been missing a show about cuisine south of the border! Well that void will be filled by Ingrid Hoffmann, of Columbia and host of her own cooking and lifestyle show, Delicioso on Galavision/Univision. It’s about time, how many shows can they do on the hot dog anyway?

Two reports came out this week that kinda of put the kibosh on a lot of the right wing anti-Hispanic rhetoric. First was that immigrants raised the wages of workers by 4%. Next time you see an immigrant worker you can thank them for the pay raise. And the second report out was that immigrants were not committing crimes at the rate many assumed. We have been saying this all along asking for proof. Wonder what Escondido council members have to say about that?

The first report came from the Public Policy Institute of California, The second report came from the University of California, Irvine.

Minutemen haven’t been at the border lately or out in the streets, they’ve been spending all their time in court fighting each other over who spent what money and what happened to some $400,000 dollars. Looks like the movement is going down the drain, well what did you expect, that they would thrive and grow? Not hardly.

Paradise Valley Hospital deal has been signed, delivered and turned over into a for profit hospital. There is an old saying ‘money talks, everything else walks.’ State Attorney General did not have much choice, the doctor’s offer of $40 million was a house of cards.

Funny how the political leadership of National City took a hands off approach with the hospital issue saying they couldn’t get involved with a private business deal. Yet on the other hand they are willing to spend thousands of dollars trying to lure a football team, which is a private business, to the area, hmmmm. Wonder which is of greater value to the community: a not-for profit hospital or a football team???? Seems like the National City politicos need to get their priorities straight.

We have all heard of how sports team sell the naming rights to their stadiums, Qualcomm Stadium or sporting events are brought to you by a company “The ‘state your company name here’ Holiday Bowl.” A company pays certain amount of dollars for the exposure. Well the City of San Diego has decided to cash in on this opportunity and has hooked up with a credit union to be the official credit union for the city. So now it is blatant what we have known all along, the city is for sale. The cost to the credit union? $500,000

So what do you call an official sponsor of a city? “Official Credit Union Partner.” How embarrassing.

Qué pasó with the City of Chula Vista and the hiring of a city manager. Apparently there is a deadlock over whom to hire, the highly qualified Hispanic or the much less qualified non-Hispanic. Of course we don’t know all the details the whole process is going on behind closed doors but there seems to be a split. The three non-Hispanics want another non-Hispanic lesser qualified candidate in a top management position. Meanswhile the two Hispanic city councilmembers want the more qualified Hispanic as the next city manager. Divided along race lines. Come on John McCain, the swing vote, you want to run for higher office and represent the whole community???

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