June 29, 2007

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Recruit illegals to fight our wars?

If the reader was wondering why our Congressmen won’t do what’s necessary to get their hands around illegal immigration in this country (that is, to go after the employers), it’s because our Congressmen are working to do the same at the federal level. Congress wants to hire hiring illegal aliens to do our dirty work and fight for us in Iraq.

A little known DREAM Act provision being pushed by Congress, as part of the latest immigration legislation, allows illegal aliens who enlist in the military for 2 years a direct path to legal residency and citizenship.

Traditionally, America has assimilated people with open arms, those that contribute to our nation’s economic progress. However, to ask someone else’s kids to go fight a war that American kids won’t fight is unconscionable and must be stopped now. There are many reasons that we shouldn’t ask foreign citizens to fight our wars, including the question of their true allegiance. The Defense Department is already having trouble controlling some foreign enlistees that have formed gangs in Iraq. Imagine what we will do with combat trained specialists in counter-insurgency leading new gangs in our inner cities.

There also are valid reasons that our own children aren’t volunteering to fight in Iraq, such as no connection between Saddam and 9-11, no weapons of mass destruction, and to prevent Iraq from becoming what it has now become, a training ground for Al-Queda. Thus our American children are not enlisting to fight in Iraq because few of us now believe the war to be the noble cause that President Bush and Congress portrayed it to be. With the passing of the Development Relief, and Education for Alien Minors (DREAM) Act, America will offer citizenship to illegal immigrants willing to fight for us, while our children enjoy the pool, barbecues and beaches.

While our military recruiters cruise the streets of Mexico City, Tijuana and Laredo, looking for candidates to serve and die in Iraq, the cost of recruiting has almost doubled to $2 Billion dollars since 2002. Our military is stretched to the breaking point, our solders stop-gapped into serving 3 and 4 times in combat and our National Guard and Reserves depleted. At our current military manning levels the Iraq war becomes unsustainable in April 2008. Congress is so desperate to fill the military ranks in Iraq, without instituting a draft, that they are willing to give away American citizenship to do it. The DREAM Act, is designed to get Congress off the hook for the Vietnam repeat that the Iraq war has now become.

We should be ashamed that any American would be willing to ask someone besides American youth to fight an American war. Before we hit the moral bottom we must act by contacting our Congressman to demand that they strike this provision in the DREAM Act. It is my belief that if this provision of the DREAM Act passes, America will have plummeted the depths of hypocrisy, and we will have surrendered our status as a good and upstanding people.

Dave Patterson
Dave Patterson is a member of the San Diego Veterans For Peace. You can read more about Vets For Peace at www.sdvfp.org

Mayor Cox guiding the city in the wrong direction

I nearly fell off my seat during Monday’s Southwest Civic Association meeting after a City Redevelopment staffer informed us that the City’s only restriction against eminent domain was using it on owner occupied properties, which has been City policy for some time. It was only a year ago when Proposition C, an initiative that clearly restricted the City from using eminent domain for any private development purpose, was passed by 74% of the voters.

Is it now City policy to completely ignore any and all input from the community – from council meeting comments to voter approved initiatives?

The staffer made it clear that they don’t feel they are restricted in any way by the will of the voters and the outcome of Prop. C. This utterly disrespectful attitude by the city coupled with their recent efforts to block two other voter initiatives from reaching the ballot is a complete violation of our trust.

It is up to the Mayor of Chula Vista to determine the overall direction and course of City policy, and it has become abundantly clear that Cheryl Cox is guiding the city in the wrong direction.

Tomy Stenwall
Chula Vista

Is City of Chula Vista listening to Citizens concerns?

I am sick and tired of the City Council’s antics when it comes to the Urban Core Specific Plan. Citizens and community groups have been complaining to the city for months that this plan is not complete and does not provide enough infrastructure improvements or park and development fees that are high enough to offset the threefold increase in the number of residents in this area. Did the city listen to our concerns? NO! Instead, they voted to approve the Urban Core Specific Plan, even though this plan doesn’t provide any solutions as to how the city will deal with all this new development.

Chula Vista officials’ resistance to impose appropriate fees for future development will only further our City’s infrastructure deficits which will negatively affect the residents of Northwest Chula Vista.

Since the city wouldn’t listen to our concerns, a resident decided to take matters into his own hands and sue the city to try to force them to listen.

Why do the taxpayers continue to have to foot the bill when our leaders insist upon being stubborn and deaf to the concerns of our residents?

Sara Malone
Chula Vista

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