Volume XXXI Number 26 June 29, 2007

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Taco Shop Getting Props for Being the Fabric of City Life

Sombrero Mexican Food wins SBA award

By Raymond R. Beltran

Good luck finding quality taco shops outside of sunny San Diego.

That’s probably a narrow-minded nativist pride in a city that has been bombarded by a tourist scene in the past decade, but it’s a statement not without a professional second opinion.

Javier Correa Sr., who along with his son is receiving the Small Business Association’s Small-Minority Business of the Year Award this week, knows all too well the pride San Diegans have in their one stop shop taquerias.

Javier Correa Senior and Javier Junior.

Sheez, the guy gets calls and emails from patrons about the pros and cons of his chain of Sombrero Mexican Food restaurants, you’d think he was selling electronics.

“Mexican food is a lot different in California than anywhere else,” Correa says. “And San Diego has a unique style … there’s a lot of taco shops. It’s part of the culture.”

And he’s right. Taco shops like Sombreros are sewn into fabric of San Diego culture. They are a youth hangout after school, the working person’s one hour lunch break or just one of the few 24 hour drive-thru venues for midnight munchies after a nightclub.

And locally, they’re the only recognizable buildings that can compete with Starbucks for dominating city blocks.

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“Stories of the Immigrant Children Left Behind” paints a picture of hardship
By Malena Amusa
As Michael Moore’s new documentary “Sicko” arrives in theaters this month, a new report was released this week joined the famed filmmaker to demand standard health insurance for Americans.

Painted Tortillas Open Doors for Artist
Artist Joe Bravo paints the Virgen de Guadalupe and other iconic Latino and pop culture figures on large flour tortillas.
By Juan Esparza Loera
FRESNO, Calif. — Joe Bravo favors flour tortillas that have the qualities of Texas: Huge, impressive and unique.

Perfect Attendance Earns Sweetwater Students Award and Hair Cut
Board Vice President Quiñones starts new district recognition program
The perfect style. The perfect wave. The perfect cut. The Sweetwater Union High School District has taken a fresh approach to celebrating perfection. Recently, 182 district students received the “Pearl Quiñones Perfect Attendance Award.” Along with recognition for their personal achievement, the students received a certificate good for a hair cut and style session courtesy of The Salon, valued at $250.


Colombian rights activist says paramilitary units a danger to country
By Ashley Matthews
WASHINGTON — Activist Ivan Cepeda told a Capitol Hill audience that Colombia needs to demobilize paramilitary forces for the country to gain stability.

Baja California News: State Election in Crisis
With five weeks to go before voters elect a new governor and other state and local representatives, the election process in Baja California is in turmoil. A state election court threw a wrench into the heated contest June 20 when it annulled the gubernatorial candidacy of gaming magnate Jorge Hank Rhon of the So You Can Live Better Alliance, a group made up of Hank’s Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), Mexican Green Party and Baja California State Party. The court ordered the PRI and its allies to find a substitute candidate within 10 days of June 22.

Playas de Tijuana fueron cerradas a los bañistas
Por Luis Alonso Pérez
Por segunda ocasión en este mes las playas de Tijuana fueron cerradas a los bañistas. En esta ocasión a causa de una descarga de aguas negras desde el viernes al mediodía debido a problemas en la planta de bombeo de la comisión estatal de servicios públicos de Tijuana (CESPT).

México del Norte
Por Jorge Mújica Murias
¿Cuánto costamos?
Uno de los argumentos más recurridos de los grupos anti-inmigrantes es que “le costamos mucho a Estados Unidos en educación, cuidado médico y demás. A este argumento se le pega el de que la bola de paisas poco educados van a rendir muy poco en impuestos precisamente porque van a ganar muy poco toda su vida.

Por Ricardo J. Galarza
Parar las redadas ya
Mientras el Senado se apresta a  debatir nuevamente el proyecto de la reforma migratoria, la ola de redadas contra los indocumentados continúa su curso en todo el país. Desde octubre pasado, las redadas se han incrementado en fábricas, plantas y otros lugares de trabajo, a donde los agentes de Migración llegan de improviso y arrestan a cientos de inmigrantes. Además, ya son varios los informes que aseguran que hasta se presentan en las casas y hacen arrestos y allanamientos sin orden de registro.

Fanning the Flames of Gas Prices
By Javier Sierra
Are you tired of leaving the gas pump with an empty wallet? Of having to decide whether to feed your car or your family? Of seeing Big Oil swimming in profits?

Más Leña al Fuego
Por Javier Sierra
¿Cansado de salir de la gasolinera con la billetera vacía? ¿De tener que decidir si alimentar el carro o a su familia? ¿De ver a las compañías petroleras nadar en dinero?

Universidad de Tijuana realizó el V Congreso Internacional de Psicología “Más allá del Diván: el Psicoanálisis del Siglo XXI”
Por: Paco Zavala
La Universidad de Tijuana (CUT) realizó el V Congreso Internacional de Psicología, con la asistencia de eminentes personalidades vinculadas con el tema. Este evento se realizó los pasados días 13, 14 y 15 de junio en las instalaciones del Hotel Marriot (antes Emporio).

New Report on California’s “Border Kids” Breaks Stereotypes
Nearly All Are U.S. Citizens Living with a Working Parent, According to Children Now
Children living along the California-Mexico border face substantial challenges to their health and educational well-being, according to a new report released today by Children Now, a leading nonpartisan, nonprofit organization dedicated to ensuring that all children thrive. Focused on California’s “border kids”—the 800,000 children living in San Diego and Imperial counties—the report finds that 78,000 border kids don’t have regular access to a doctor, and only about half are meeting California’s rigorous academic achievement goals. These are but two of many clarifying data points issued in the report, entitled The Unique Challenges to the Well-Being of California’s Border Kids.

Doctor’s Corner
Beat the Heat, drink plenty of water
By Dr. Eduardo Grunvald
During the winter, my waiting room is full of patients coughing, congested, hoping I somehow have discovered a magic pill to cure the common cold or the flu. But during the summer months, people would be surprised to know that I also see an increase in seasonal related problems.

Esquina del Doctor
Combata el calor, tome suficiente agua
Por Dr. Eduardo Grunvald
Durante el invierno, mi sala de espera está llena de pacientes tosiendo, congestionados, con la esperanza que de alguna manera, descubrí una píldora mágica para curar el resfrío común o la gripe. Pero durante los meses del verano, muchos estarían sorprendidos de saber que también veo un aumento de problemas relacionados con la estación actual.

Chula Vista Altrusa Club Wins International Relations Award
Altrusa International of Chula Vista’s support of Casa de los Pobres (House of the Poor) in Tijuana, Mexico, and its focus on international relations throughout the year garnered it the organization’s prestigious Dr. Nina Fay Calhoun International Relations Award. The award was presented to club members recently at the District Eleven Conference in Burbank and makes the Club eligible for the award at the International Conference scheduled this summer.

Don’t Let Passport Problems Spoil Summer Travels
County Offers Advice to Navigate Ever-Changing Passport Requirements
The County Clerk of the Board offers passport services and advises travelers to prepare for summer trips by carefully reviewing the latest requirements. The Clerk of the Board is available to explain recent changes and offer important tips.

Editorial and Commentary

Celebrating Independence
This week we celebrate 231 years of Independence from Great Brit-ain and bask in the glory of the Freedoms that we are afforded. In years past, we may have taken our Freedoms that we enjoy as a matter of fact, giving them little thought as we spend the day barbecuing, going to the beach or taking in a ball game. But all that changed with the terrorist attacks of 9/11.

The Court’s Forgotten Promises
Desegregation Rulings Will Hit Schools Hard

By Cassandra Butts
On the 40th anniversary of the integration of Little Rock High School, the Supreme Court has taken a decidedly backwards step in our nation’s pursuit of Brown v. Board of Education’s promise of equal, integrated public education by ruling against the voluntary efforts to integrate public schools in Louisville, KY and Seattle, WA in Parents Involved in Community Schools v. Seattle School District and Meredith v. Jefferson County Board of Education.

Comprehensive Immigration Reform: Stopped for Now, But Not Forever
By Frank Sharry
There is no way to sugar coat it. Immigrant workers and families hungering for legalization, Americans wanting their leaders to solve problems on a bipartisan basis, and advocates like us who believe America is best served by a comprehensive approach to our dysfunctional immigration system suffered a significant setback today.

Cien años de soledad
Por Dagoberto Márquez
En efecto, se trata de la novela magistral de Gabriel García Márquez, una exquisita y finamente hilvanada obra de arte, galardonada con lo mejor que puede darse a la literatura: el Premio Novel, así como la exitosa trascripción a múltiples idiomas dada su enorme aceptación en el planeta. Sí señor, se trata de la obra maestra del periodista por mejor escritor, oriundo de Aracataca, Colombia, al cual le debemos la creación de Crónica de una muerte anunciada, El coronel no tiene quien le escriba, y, El amor en los tiempos del cólera.

Penurias del proceso migratorio
Por Humberto Caspa, Ph.D
La realidad en el Senado pinta de diversas formas a medida que la propuesta migratoria sufre cambios estrafalarios.

La traición
Por José R. Uzal
Los llamados “Hispanos”, el epíteto más reciente que nos adjudicó el gobierno de EE.UU. y los Latinos como nos auto denominamos en el oeste de la nación; no somos una raza, somos una cultura.

The Public Forum . . . El Foro Público
Recruit illegals to fight our wars?
If the reader was wondering why our Congressmen won’t do what’s necessary to get their hands around illegal immigration in this country (that is, to go after the employers), it’s because our Congressmen are working to do the same at the federal level. Congress wants to hire hiring illegal aliens to do our dirty work and fight for us in Iraq.

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Reviews, Sporting news, and other tid bits

Reunited and It Feels So Goooood ...
artists break the seal on a seven year boycott

By Raymond R. Beltran
This Wednesday, artists re-entered a place they hadn’t seen in nearly seven years, El Centro Cultural de la Raza, an old city-water-tank-turned-arts-venue created by Chicanos back in 1970.

Representaron Obra de Teatro “Bulevar” el Grupo Pasillos y Pasos
El director Roldolfo Alvarez la escribió y dirigió
Por: Paco Zavala
El teatro en Tijuana ha sufrido colapsos decadentes y de fortalecimiento. En la actualidad pasa por una buena etapa; éste es un excelente tiempo para hacer teatro en Tijuana, muestra de ello es la apertura en el mes de diciembre de 2004 del Centro Cultural Independiente “La Alborada” y la creación del grupo de teatro “Pasillos y Pasos” ambos funcionando bajo la dirección del maestro Rodolfo Alvarez.

Exitosas Finales del XXVII Festival de la Canción Latinoamericana de California 2007
Participantes de varios ciudades de Estados Unidos iluminaron la noche de las Finales Nacionales del XXVII Festival de la Canción Latinoamericana de California 2007, celebradas recientemente en el elegante Club Roccapulco, de la ciudad de San Francisco.

American Boxing teaches you Muay Thai kickboxing
By Pablo Jaime Sáinz
Like many traditional Latino families, Gina Reyes’ family at first didn’t agree that their daughter would get into martial arts.

American Boxing te enseña kickboxing Muay Thai
Por Pablo Jaime Sáinz
Como muchas familias latinas tradicionales, al principio la familia de Gina Reyes no estaba de acuerdo con que su hija entrara a las artes marciales.

Gonzalez not Spoiled by Success
By John Philip Wyllie
It is hard to believe in view of what has happened, but two seasons ago Padres MVP first baseman Adrian Gonzalez was not only, not a star, he wasn’t even a starter. Beset by nagging injuries and mired behind Texas All-Star first baseman Mark Teixeira on the Rangers bench, the former MLB first overall pick seemed headed nowhere fast. Then on December 20, 2005 the Rangers and Padres made a trade. In retrospect, it was more like an early Christmas present for the Friars. Gonzalez, pitcher Chris Young and outfielder Termel Sledge were acquired for oft-injured Adam Eaton (current ERA 5.63) reliever Akinori Otsuka (ERA 1.88, but only 28.2 innings pitched) and minor league catcher Billy Killian.

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