June 22, 2007



Voices from the Front Lines: A Conversation about No Child Left Behind A discussion by district staff, teachers and parents about critical issues of NCLB will take place Monday, June 25, at Roosevelt Middle School Library (3366 Park Blvd) at 4 p.m. Panel includes Superintendent Carl Cohn, Deputy Geno Flores, SDEA President Camille Zombro and members of the PTA Council. For more info, call Jack Brandais at 619-725-5570.

Human Rights Festival Opens No Sit, No Stand, No Lie. A play by David Hogan, focuses on Victor, who once locked in a torture chamber where he could neither sit, nor stand, nor lie. To maintain sanity, he dreamed of home with this wife, but when he gets there, he dreams of being locked in the chamber and wonders if he ever left. Directed by Dough Hoehn, the play begins Saturday, June 23, and runs to July 6 at 6th @ Penn Theatre (3704 6th Ave). $18 with special discounts. For info, call 619-688-9210.

Pistachio Stories by Laura Shamas is a provocative play exploring what existence might be like if fear, anger and violence are allowed to justify the invasion of a person’s life and privacy. This is an exploration of the fine line between rational suspicion and paranoia. Directed by Susan Hammons, this play begins Friday, June 22, and runs through to July 5 at 6th @ Penn Theatre (3704 6th Ave). $18 with special discounts. For info, call 619-688-9210.

The Art & Culture of the Huichol Indians of Mexico: Harry March of Sailing Traders will share the rich culture and religious background of the Huichol Indians and relate it to artwork Friday, June 22, continuously from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. at Back from Tomboctou (3564 Adams Ave) in Normal Heights. For more info, call 619-282-8708.

The documentary film Highjacking Catastrophe will be shown by Current Events Theater at the Rancho San Diego Library (11555 Via Rancho San Diego) on Sunday, June 24. It examines how a radical fringe of the Republican Party has used the trauma of 9/11 to advance a pre-existing agenda to radically transform foreign policy while rolling back civil liberties and social programs. Movie begins at 1:30 p.m. with a discussion at 3:15 with the East County Democratic Club. For info, call 619-820-5321.

Alida Cervantes Explores Identity: Tijuana based artist Alida Cervantes is steadily gaining recognition for her portraits, which explore issues of identity. Born to a father from Mexico City and a mother from Mexicali, her light colored skin and hair caused others to tell her that she didn’t look Mexican enough. She will present a series of portraits created specifically for this exhibition to be held at Athenaeum Music and Arts Library (1008 Wall St) in La Jolla between Saturday, June 23 to 28. Free. For more info, call 858-454-5872.

Benefit Concert for Indigenous Peoples. Friday, June 22 at 6 p.m. The Metropolitan Area Advisory Committee (1355 3rd Ave) in Chula Vista will be hosting a fundraiser, featuring musical groups Kanari and Guaraca, along with free lessons by salsa group.All money raised at the event will help support the Encounter of the Indigenous Peoples of the Americas, which will take place in October in Sonora, Mexico. Photos and documentaries will also be shown from the Other Campaign that was started by the Zapatista movement. $5 cover. For more info, call 619-528-8060.


Ever consider food as a metaphor for triggering memory? A conduit to your culture? A ritualistic tool? A sustainer? Non-profit publishers, City Works Press, is accepting submissions for their next literary anthology, Food: Hunger and Thirst. They’re looking for fiction and creative nonfiction, poems, art and photography. Deadline is December 17, 2007. For more info, contact City Works Press at cwpfood@gmail.com.

Loud and proud, Bill Caballero touts his horn, literally, every Thursday evening at 7 p.m. on the outskirts of downtown at the intimate arts venue, Voz Alta (1544 Broadway) with his band of loyal Latin Jazz fellow musicians. Join in, kick back and listen, and if possible, drop ‘em a donation. For info, contact Bill at 619-628-8568.


RE:UNION C/S Featuring multidisciplinary art from the past, present and future of the much revered cultural institution, this will bring together a mix of original founders of the Centro Cultural de la Raza to artists who have never shown their art inside these circular walls of the Centro. Guillermo Acevedo, Guillermo Aranda, Berenice Badillo, Memo Cavada, Eloissa Leonna, Chikle, Nuvia Crisol Guerra and many many more. Plus, videos by the Media Arts Center San Diego, live grafitti demos by local artists. Runs from Thursday, June 28, through August 4. For hours and info, call Carole Ravago 619-917-8652 or Brent Beltran at 619-920-1713.

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