June 15, 2007

In quoting the great movie, The Godfather, where he states “The more I try to get out, the more they pull me back in!” This is how this old Indian feels. Los políticos son muy pendejos!

Immigration: They would much rather see the issue of immigration drag on for years than really try and solve this prickley issue. But that seems to be asking our politicans to do something fair and reasonable is beyond their ability!

Passports: Summer is here and thousands are up in arms trying to get a passport, as part of the new Homeland Security rules to leave the country. Seems the government can’t keep up with the demand. Now why doesn’t this surprise me?

Republican Senator, Pete Domenici, sent out a press release extolling the virtues of English being the official language of the United States, then sends it out in Spanish! Por que?

Este Indio got an interesting email the other day; it hinted that Assemblywoman Mary Salas was considering running for Mayor of Chula Vista by setting up a donation account. Sounded interesting but we talked with señora Salas and she said no way, no how. Qué lástima, that would stirred up the pot a bit.

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa is separated from his wife but he says he is not giving back her half of the name. (Villaraigosa name comes from part of his old last name and a part of her last name, kinda of cute when you are in love).

General Angela Salinas gave a great speech at the LULAC scholarship awards luncheon. She should get out more in the Hispanic community; she is quite an inspiration.

Vic Salazar has held down the MC with the luncheon with LULAC for a very long time now, he makes the afternoon whole lot brighter.

The problems that City Attorney Aguirre has had in the courts lately, has caused us to stop and take a look at the judges. These are elected positions, yet when elections come around we hear very little about them, por que? We should take a greater interest in the next judicial elections and see who these guys represent. We also notice not many Hispanics there!

Just eight months till the primary election (Feb. ’08) and already the campaigning is heating up with local races. Candidates wanting to sit and talk and campaign managers are planning advertising already. Good for business but hijole so soon.

Hispanic community excited about Bill Richardson running for President (can’t tell by his last name but he is Hispanic) or so they say, but then the so called políticos all seem to end the conversation with the words, ‘he has no shot at winning!’ Qué pasó with an attitude like that no wonder.

Don’t know if the políticos have noticed, Richardson is climbing in the Polls.

Qué pasó with Chula Vista Councilman Steve Castaneda, everytime we read about a vote on the council Castaneda has to abstain, something about property ownership! What’s up with that? Doesn’t do any good to be on a board if you don’t get a chance to vote!

Paris Hilton not doing her street cred and good going to jail crying like that. Come on girl, buck up, it is only a month or so. Este Indio knows many gente who have gone to jail for less and they don’t get any special attention. You’ve got it easy girl.

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