July 27, 2007

5th and 6th Grade Students Say Thank You!

The Thomas and Pearl Martinez Foundation, in Chula Vista, have been presenting “Incentive Awards” to graduating fifth and sixth graders to recognize their hard work and to encourage them to continue working hard at their education.

Doug Friedman (cneter) presented Rosa Jimenez, Giovanna Ruiz, Cecilia Garcia and Cristina Arreola students of Emerson-Bandini Elementary with their Thomas and Pearl Martinez Foundation Inventive Awards. Principle Jerrilee Fisher-Garza is at the far right with Secretary/Assistant Laura in back.

This year 20 students were presented with awards representing Emerson Elementary, Perkins Elementary, Cesar Chavez Elementary, and Kimbrough Elementary School.

This year the students from Kimbrough Elementary sent the Martinez Foundation letters of appreciation and Pearl Martinez, who was deeply touched by the letters, asked that we share a few of these letters with our readers, which we are happy to do:

Dear Mrs. Martinez,

I am Corayma Cicencio. I am 11 years old. I go to Kimbrough Elementary. I have two brothers. One is 8 years old and his name is Francisco. My other brother is 3 years old and his name is Alexander. My mom works at two Pizza Hut restaurants. My dad is a manager at another Pizza Hut. My parents work hard so we can live in a bigger house soon.

What I want to do with my life is go to college and graduate. After that I am going to find a job that pays me well. I would like to be a dentist. I also want to help my parents because they worked a lot since I was born. In the future I should help them. I wish to have a good life so I can buy my own house, car, and live a comfortable, happy life.

I want to thank you for the award you gave me. I really appreciate the check for $75. What I am going to do with the $75 is open my own bank account and save money for college. I thank you again for your generosity.

Sincerely yours,
Corayman Vicencio

Dear Thomas and Pearl Martinez Foundation,

I am one of the kids you have chosen to receive the “Keep a Child in School Incentive Award.” I am writing to thank you for such a great recognition. I was shocked when they called me for the award and I am very thankful for what you gave me. I am planning to use my money to buy new shoes for when I start 6th grade and I also plan to give some money to my grandmother, and a little money for me to buy supplies when I go to 6th grade. I feel so happy for what you gave me and this certificate has showed me that I should stay in school.

Lesli Rodriguez

Dear Mrs. Martinez

Thank you for letting me have this award. What am I going to do with the money? I’m going to buy things that I need for middle school. For example, pens, note books, pencils and the uniforms for school. This money makes it easy for my parents to buy things for my siblings. I think it isn’t easy for my parents because me and my siblings in all are four. So now they have more money to buy my siblings things that they need for school.

I work so hard at school to get to a school named Preuss. Preuss is a school that helps kids get ready for college. I work day after day. Kids say I’m smart but I don’t think the same. I don’t think the same because I have a long way to go. Maybe when I’m older I could work at a bank or I could work as a teacher.

Sonia Chavez

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