July 13, 2007

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National City community opposing eminent domain

For the record, our organization (CCR) along with community residents, voters and taxpayers adamantly opposes National City Mayor Morrison’s and the city council’s proposed eminent domain 12 year extension amendment to the National City Redevelopment Project.

It appears after 3 hours of recent testimony (6-19-07) during which not one person spoke in favor of the above that the “political fix” is in to approve!

This is proven by Mayor Ron Morrison’s past and recent arrogant actions of,

1. Calling the NCPD on residents at a public hearing for opposing eminent domain,

2. Admitting publicly that Councilperson Louie Nativdad, and he (then a councilperson) were pressured by disgraced ex. Mayor Nick Inzunza into supporting eminent domain (for 2 years) even though they opposed it,

3. Condemned 86% of properties in the redevelopment area as “blighted or deteriorated”,

4. Agreeing to lend a private Australian corporation (Constellation Property Group) 3 million Community Development Commission (CDC) dollars,

5. Accusing concerned individuals of being “outsiders” for voicing concerns in stopping the eminent domain of the recreational Community Youth Athletic Center Building!

The above was further proven by, “HISPANIC GONE WILD” Councilperson Louie Natividad ignorant comments that;

“I don’t get scare very easy, so if anyone thought bringing 1,000 people was going to scare me, they’re wrong and I’m not going to sit here and get insulted by anyone.”

Community residents in bewilderment are questioning what part of NO, NC so-called elected public servants do not understood? NC community residents, small business owners and concerned individuals, at over 8 public hearings have all voiced strong and unanimous vocal opposition to the city’s eminent domain plans by repeatedly stating that they,

1. Do not trust pro-business NC Mayor Ron Morrison and the city council with 12 years of eminent domain power, or future mayors or city councils,

2. Fear their homes, small businesses and property will be held “hostage” by NC politicians for 12 long years that could be arbitrarily eminent domain to serve the needs of powerful outside business interests,

3. Will continue to oppose Mayor Morrison and the City Council’s eminent domain proposal.

In closing, if Mayor Morrison and the council persist in their undemocratic efforts to ramrod and approve the 12 year extension they will be doing do so at the political risk of being,

• Recalled from public office,

• A Chula Vista type proposition limiting eminent domain being introduced, or

• The Community Development Commission disbanded!

Herman Baca
Committee on Chicano Rights

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