July 6, 2007

Pobres Los Republicanos: Los Republicans can talk the talk, they just can’t walk the walk. They talk about being more inclusive and reaching out to the Hispanic community, but when it is time to stop and meet the community they are a no show. Every Republican candidate for President, with the exception of Duncan Hunter, skipped the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed officials 24th annual conference! (Shows how desperate Mr. Hunter is?

The other shoe finally dropped on CV councilman Steve Castaneda, the Grand Jury has indicted him. He is charged with 13 felony and 2 misdemeanor counts. Caastaneda pleaded innocent and will now get his day in court, should be an interesting case, Castaneda has already accused the District Attorney of being on a political vendetta.

Hispanic politicans not fairing well in Chula Vista. Patty Chavez who sat on the city council for a few months and subsequently lost the race to hold onto the seat for a full term, was recently sued by the city for campaign violations for $100,000.

Este Indio saw smoke signals which indicate things not looking good for the Gaylord project. The word is out John Moores and Steve Peace are licking their chops waiting for the deal to fall through so they can step in and take over the project.

Good old boys taking care of their own #1: Scooter Libby off the hook. President Bush made sure that the Good Ole Boy Libby won’t have to serve time, which means Paris Hilton will have served more time for drinking and driving than Libby will for lying to and attacking a dissenter of President Bush’s plan to go to war.

Gold old boys taking care of their own #2: Ex-City Attorney Casey Gwinn, who fiddled around while the City’s Pension fund went down the tubes was a key player but he failed to provide oversite into what was going on with the Pension funds as the city went a billion dollars in debt. Gwinn was subsequently hired by Bonnie Dumanis of the District Attoney’s office and now he has been hired by YWCA of San Diego as CEO.

Top headlines in the local daily had “Immigration bill falls apart,” “Justices limit school integration policy,” “Assembly ratifies tribal gaming deals.” Good to see that at least gambling is making headway. Qué lástima!

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