January 26, 2007

Este Indo sat down to listen to the President’s State of the Union Speech and hijole, before I knew it I had dozzed off, just couldn’t keep the old ojos open. Mi esposa dice, no importa much of the same old stuff, nothing new.

The house of cards that our President built around this war is coming down around him, leaving him exposed and vulnerable, couple this with the news that Pres. Bush only trails disgraced Pres. Nixon with the negative numbers according to a Zogby poll, this Texas President is not riding so high in the saddle any more.

Chula Vista Elementary School Board had a chance to make a statement and blew it! Everybody on the school board lives in Bonita which is a part of Chula Vista yet, not a part of Chula Vista. This week was their chance to select someone other than a Bonita resident to fill the vacant seat on the board. So what did they do? You got it, they appointed a Bonita resident! The inequity of this action is self evident but more so is a statement of arrogance with the board’s selection. Que lástima!

Speaking of the Chula Vista school board, the scuttle butt is that Bertha Lopez has her eye on the County Board of Education if Nick Aguilar ever decides to leave.

Now the other shoe: Nick Aguilar is contemplating running for Chula Vista city council. Jerry Rindone is serving his last term.

San Ysidro school board hired Gilbert Anzaldua as interim superintendent. The question is why hire an interim super, why not just turn over the position to the number two man in the district and continue with the hiring process until you find a permanent replacement. They fired this guy once before, why bring him back?

ONE MILLION DOLLARS, that is what it cost John Moores of the San Diego Padres to absolve him of his anti-Mexican tendencies. The one doing absolving, Rachael Ortiz and her foundation, seems they are going to honor him in March. Well at least you can say about Ortiz, she doesn’t come cheap. We wonder what John Moores thinks he is actually buy with his ONE MILLION DOLLARS?

The Attorney General’s office held their public meeting yesterday (Thursday) in regards to Paradise Valley Hospital and on a purely dollars and cents perspective this hospital needs help and lots of it. The $35 million being offered is only the tip of the iceberg. On a humanitarian point of view this hospital needs to stay in National City and serve this community. Which perspective will win out on depends on Jerry Brown the Attorney General who in the past has tended to lean toward the humanitarian point of view.

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