January 26, 2007


A Woman or a Minority as President, That Day May Be Sooner than Later

The conventional thinking today, is that the next President of the United States will come from the Democratic Party. At the head of the Democratic pack is Hillary Rodham Clinton who is being pressured by the fast rising Barack Obama, Illinois Senator. And, Bill Richardson, a Hispanic and Governor of New Mexico, has thrown his hat into the race to become the next President of the United States.

For the Hispanic community Bill Richardson represents a milestone in the political development and maturation of this political body. Whether or not Richardson can mount a successful campaign for the Presidency is debatable at this point. The fact that his announcement is taken as credible is significant for the Hispanic community. This is seen as another important step in their political development.

Seeking higher office, in particular the Presidency is not something that occurs in a vacuum. It is development that transpires over time and is made up of many steps. For the Hispanic community this is just another of these steps being taken. The Richardson presidential announcement gives the Hispanic community a focal point it can coalesce those Hispanics already involved in the political process, attract new Hispanics to the process, and at the same time serve as a guiding light for aspiring Hispanics.

Will the Richardson candidacy deliver on the aspirations of the Hispanic community? Probably not, but it will serve as that one small step which will lead to the next and then on to greater heights being reached by future Presidential hopefuls from the Hispanic community.

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