January 19, 2007


What exactly is the next step with Bush’s Iraq war?

You have to give President Bush credit for one thing, once he sets his mind to something he just doesn’t let it go! How else can you explain his dogged determination to continue on with the war in Iraq with his troop surge? We just love how the President describes this troop increase and escalation of the war as a “surge,” it paints a picture of a surge protector on your computer, temporary, to make you feel good about the troop increase while deflecting the prospect for more deaths.

This escalation in the war is contrary to the bipartisan Iraq Study Group which recommended an acceleration of the training of Iraqi forces and a timeline with which to transfer responsibilities over to the Iraq government. This troop increase is not what the voters said at the polls, where they gave a resounding defeat to Bush’s policies and direction by voting the Republicans out of power. But President Bush is undeterred as he plows ahead confident in his singular vision and as he shuts out the American voices.

In this time of war, which Congress allowed to happen by handing over to the President special powers to declare a “Preemptive War”, the President as Commander and Chief can call for an increase in troop strength without approval. Despite this, Congress and the Senate, with some Republican support, is willing and able to derail the troop surge by withholding the necessary dollars that will support the war and seek to regain the authority in regards to troop deployments.

It appears now that the Congress and Senate can derail the call for the troop “surge.” The question that now must be asked is, what is next step for Congress? Will Congress rein in the President and strip him of his “Special Powers” under which he wages this war? Will they begin scaling back troop involvement and turning over control of Iraq back to the people of Iraq? Then there is Afghanistan, what direction will be taken there? These questions and many more need to be addressed and the American people want to know, what is the next step? Stopping the President from escalating the war is just merely one step in a long process to bring about a sensible conclusion to the “Preemptive War.”

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