January 05, 2007


Saddam Hussein is Dead, Now What?

The hanging of Saddam Hussein this past week brought zero sat-isfaction and in fact we looked upon this as a sad commentary on this whole Iraq mess. We stopped and asked ourselves, in today’s modern age and as a Christian country, hanging was contrary to our core beliefs. Yes, Hussein should have been deposed and held accountable for his genocidal actions towards his countryman. But now that he is dead, what has changed?

At La Prensa we opposed the war in Iraq from the outset. We were opposed to the way we went about getting into this war without a Congressional vote and we were opposed to granting Presidential powers. The premise of going to war was based on lies and as they became exposed the focus of the war kept changing to sustain the need to be in Iraq. The war finally came down to ridding the world of Saddam Hussein and imposing Democracy in the region, but at what cost?

Is it worth the death of 3,000 American soldiers, as reported in the news, to have brought one man, feeble in his last days, to such a grotesque end? Is it worth the other 50,000 lives that were lost from indirect results like illness, accidents, or suicide, which were not reported in the news? What about the wounded and disabled soldiers who lost limbs or suffered other bodily catastrophe? Is it worth the cost barred by families of soldiers? Is it worth the death of tens of thousands of Iraqi civilians? Is it worth destroying a country or isolating ourselves from other nations?

Saddam Hussein is dead but nothing has changed. The killings still continue, civil war has broken out, and there is no end in sight. And now it is reported that President Bush will ask Congress to increase the number of troops in Iraq as part of the new direction on the war.

This war has turned into a no win situation. No matter what happens, the ends will no longer justify the means. More than three years into this conflict, Bush declaring victory on the USS Abraham Lincoln in 2003, Saddam caught and executed, and Bin Laden nowhere in sight, we conclude that every excuse for war has been exhausted, lending credence to the idea that this war is about oil.

The Democrats are now in control and while they have talked about being tough with a 100 day agenda, they have yet to state exactly what actions they will take to get out of Iraq. In fact, some Democrats appear ready to support the expansion of the war with “conditions”. This is all the President needs, a divided Democratic Party to keep his war going.

It is time for the Democrats to stand up to the President and follow the example of the Vietnam War and pull the plug on this war. South Vietnam survived the troop withdrawal and as the President’s visit to this country proved, Vietnam has flourished ever since.

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