Febuary 9, 2007

It hasn’t been a good 13 months for Ted Martinez, Jr. First, he was fired as President of Grossmont College for standing up to Omar Suarez the Chancellor, the same Suarez who re-wrote his own contract and is under investivagation. And now in a cost cutting move Mayor Sanders has eliminated the position that Martinez had filled the past year: Deputy Chief Operating Officer of Neighborhood and Customer Services. Last day on the job will be in April. Hmmm, wonder if he has served long enough to qualify to receive a pension???

In regards to Martinez, the bigger question is, where are the people going to go with their issues when it comes to parks, pools, and neighborhood services? KUSI did a great job on exposing all the issues with parks and pools. Check out the Turko Files at: http://www.kusi.com/features/turko. In the meantime, residents will have to find a way through the bureaucratic maze. Good luck with that1!

For months now, Speaker of the House, Fabian Nuñez, has been sitting on the appointment for the Costal Commision, replacing former Chula Vista Mayor Steve Padilla. It was assumed the appointment would be made in January. Que paso?! San Diego councilman Ben Huseo had been touted as most likely candidate, but this delay now makes it look like there is some second guessing going on.

The question with Huseo has always been, does he have enough juice for this plum appointment? Appointment is usually a political payoff for big time contributors!!!

Also in the mix for the Coastal Commission appointment is Chula Vista councilman Steve Castañeda. Fellow councilperson put a proposal before the city council to support the appointment of Castañeda, purely ceremonially. And everyone, with the exception of Mayor Cox, supported the proposal! Instead she threw her support behind Hueso! Que paso Mayor Cox? Can’t support one of your own!!!

Looks like the National City Sales Tax issue will be back on the ballot, but not any time soon. The Registrar of Voters verified the signatures for the repeal measure, but it is up to the City Council to determine when the measure will go on the ballot, special election or wait until 2008. The City Council is already spending the money they anticipate from the sales tax, so you know they don’t want to see this tax repealed. This measure won’t be on any ballot soon, so see you in 2008.

This strong mayor thing in San Diego doesn’t seem to be working out very well. Looks like a struggle over power with the city council and neither can afford to give in.

Strangely quit lately has been City Attorney Mike Aguirre, could it be that he is starting to focus on his re-election and is toning down his rhetoric? Aguirre has made a lot of noise, but the voters are going to want to see results, which have been slow in coming for Aguirre. More than that he has made a lot of enemies within the city. It is going to be a rough re-election.

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