December 28, 2007


New Year’s Resolution

Feliz Año Nuevo – Happy New Year. As we end 2007 we look back, not with a sense of fondness, but with a sense of relief that this year has ended and we look forward to a more promising New Year: hopefully.

As we search our collective memory of 2007 we struggle to find those feel good moments that will lead us to say that it was a good year!

Instead we look back upon the year and recall the economic problems that greeted us last January. The year 2007 started out in an economic slump that persisted throughout the year, culminating with a housing crisis and a record number of foreclosures as families found themselves losing their homes and life savings. The ripple effect from this has been devastating.

At the same time, the cost of living continued to rise. Gas prices went up and down like yo-yos. There seems to be no relief in sight as wages remained stagnant and benefits were reduced if not eliminated.

The Iraq war continues to drag on despite the overwhelming support of a withdrawal of our troops. The President continues to demand billions upon billions of dollars to support the war effort, meanwhile at home, there isn’t enough money to support health care for children or fully fund education.

The issue of immigration was a daily topic as the Hispanic community became boxed in by this subject. All other issues took a back seat to immigration as the xenophobic rants of the right wing community made immigrants the root of all that is wrong with the country. And with the election season starting earlier than ever before, the Republican Party is determined to make immigration the focal point of their campaigns for Presidency and the Democrats are unsure with how they will deal with this issue.

Then, there were the devastating fires that sweep over Southern California. We are still recovering.

So we can’t say goodbye to 2007 fast enough as we look forward to the New Year 2008; it couldn’t be any worse than 2007, could it?

2008 may not be worse than ’07 but it doesn’t look like it is going to get better anytime soon. The war in Iraq will continue, as we hope it doesn’t spread beyond Iraq. The housing crisis looks like it will continue on and the sub-prime mortgage meltdown will affect even more families in the New Year. The Hispanic community will continue to be portrayed in a negative light as the issue of immigration continues to dominate the Presidential race.

That is the bad news. The good news is that all the cards are on the table, there should be no major surprises in the New Year. It will be a question of dealing with the issues in the year to come.

Our New Year’s Resolution is to work even harder for our community, our friends, and address the issues that face us and act in the best interest of the Hispanic community. We will endeavor to understand those who disagree with us, and see us in a negative light. We resolve to provide a guiding light for our community and be a newspaper of support and encouragement. By working together we can make a difference in our lives and we can have an impact on the nation. Together we can change political leadership and change the tone of conversation from that of ‘us against them’ rhetoric to one of inclusion and of working toward mutual benefit, instead of building bigger walls on the border and denying rights to immigrants.

We Resolve to make a difference in the New Year!

Feliz Año Nuevo – Happy New Year!

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